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This web site (, the web site for collectors to host their personal web sites ( and the ICON mailing list are privately run and financed by BillView Icon Profile and Jill MeierView Icon Profile . We derive no income from these web sites,  keep them free from ads and banners, and consider our expenses a donation to the hobby we enjoy so much.

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The following people and clubs have helped offset our costs with contributions to support the web site and the ICON mailing list. We are very grateful for this support! If you would like to help support ICON, the suggested contribution is $10. Please send it to

Bill Meier, 103 Canterbury Court, Carlisle, MA 01741

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The standard individual contribution is $10
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution

Individual Sponsors
Name State Explanation of Donation
Liam Addams WA Contribution *
Chuck Alexander ID Contribution *
Paul Alleeson CA Contribution *
Jennifer Alley-Fisher IN Contribution *
Bob Allison CT Contribution *
Dwayne Anthony CA Contribution *
Joe Anzures CO Contribution *
Mark Arrison NY Contribution *
Rick Augustyn MN Contribution *
Timothy M. Baggett TN Contribution *
Michael Bailey NJ Contribution *
Ross Baird TX Contribution *
E. Mark Baland TX Contribution *
Rick Baldwin OH Contribution *
James Bancroft Staffordshire Contribution *
Howard Banks OR Contribution *
John Barber TX Contribution *
Walter Baumgardt NY Contribution *
Tim Baxter NY Contribution *
Jerry Bell AR Contribution *
Nick Bergkessel OH Contribution *
Jay Bernasek MT Contribution *
Bob Berry TX Contribution *
Bob Berry TX Contribution *
David Bethman WA Contribution *
Elizabeth Beyer FL Contribution *
Brett Bloxam Ontario Contribution *
Stephen Bobb PA Contribution *
Craig Boehm Saskatchewan Contribution *
Margaret Booker MO Contribution *
Kim Borgman IN Contribution *
Michael Bors SC Contribution *
Curt Boster OH Contribution *
Michael Bott Saskatchewan Contribution *
Gary Boyd Jr. WA Contribution *
Bob Breckinridge CT Contribution *
Lee Brewer OH Contribution *
Donald Briel UT Contribution *
Matthew Brotzman GA Contribution *
Dave Brown CA Contribution *
Dennis Brown FL Contribution *
Jon Bules OH Contribution *
David Bullock IL Contribution *
Alex Calabrese NJ Contribution *
Ed Carney KS Contribution *
Tim Carney IL Contribution *
Richard Case IL Contribution *
John Cashman CA Contribution *
Dustin Cawood KY Contribution *
Mary Centanni LA Contribution *
Michael Chalton Ayrshire Contribution *
Kim Chapman WI Contribution *
Dean Charles OR Contribution *
Aleksand Chebotkow Contribution *
Logan Cherry KY Contribution *
David Ciarcia FL Contribution *
Joe Clausi CA Contribution *
Alan Colburn FL Contribution *
Brian Collette NY Contribution *
Fred Collier VA Contribution *
David Collins GA Contribution *
Chris Cotnoir ME Contribution *
Ron Crites AZ Contribution *
Christopher Crounse WA Contribution *
Dan Culver WA Contribution *
Dominique Curtis British Columbia Contribution *
David Dangora MA Contribution *
A. Davis LA Contribution *
Mark Davis TX Contribution *
Tessa Daylong CO Contribution *
John De Sousa MA Contribution *
Ralph Dean GA Contribution *
Jim Decker CA Contribution *
Michael Deloia MA Contribution *
Glenn Delong II OH Contribution *
Dario Dimare MA Contribution *
Dario Dimare MA Contribution *
Thomas Doubleday MA Contribution *
Michael Doyle CA Contribution *
Stephen Drake NC Contribution *
Terry Drollinger WA Contribution *
Gregory Druck PA Contribution *
Connie Dueker CO Contribution *
Wayne Duzynski MN Contribution *
Richard Eckles NE Contribution *
Dudley Ellis GA Contribution *
Sandy Ellison TX Contribution *
Curtis Erickson MI Contribution *
Curtis Erickson MI Contribution *
Bob Evans MA Contribution *
Greg Everett TX Contribution *
William Fiegener ME Contribution *
Rick Fisher CA Contribution *
Carol Fix NY Contribution *
David Fleishman British Columbia Contribution *
Jack Foote CA Contribution *
Russ Frank IL Contribution *
George Freeman OK Contribution *
Jim Fulton South Yorkshire Contribution *
Karl Furr PA Contribution *
Brendan Gable MD Contribution *
John Gallagher WA Contribution *
Tim Galusha AZ Contribution *
Spencer Garten FL Contribution *
Mike Gaudy AZ Contribution *
Dan Gauron CO Contribution *
Dan Gauron CO Contribution *
Gloria Gauthier GA Contribution *
Kevin Gendron NH Contribution *
Sid Gilbert WA Contribution *
Bill Gillespie NY Contribution *
Bill Gillespie NY Contribution *
David Gillespie WY Contribution *
Mark Gilmore IN Contribution *
Elton Gish TX Contribution *
Jack Gooden NY Contribution *
Bruce Gorham New Brunswick Contribution *
Bruce Gorham New Brunswick Contribution *
Matt Grayson FL Contribution *
Paul Greaves CA Contribution *
Michael Green GA Contribution *
Ed Greenway GA Contribution *
Bill Grieser NC Contribution *
Michael Gurganus NC Contribution *
Mike Guthrie WA Contribution *
Greg Hafer NY Contribution *
William Haley TN Contribution *
John Hall TX Contribution *
John Hall TX Contribution *
Lou Hall CA Contribution *
Jim Harlow AZ Contribution *
Jim Harlow AZ Contribution *
Jim Harlow AZ Contribution *
Bill Harrison CA Contribution *
David Hawkins VA Contribution *
Gene Hawkins IN Contribution *
Gene Hawkins IN Contribution *
Richard Hawkins CA Contribution *
Chuck Haymond FL Contribution *
Rick Hazen IL Contribution *
Chris Hedges MO Contribution *
Greg Helms OR Contribution *
Richard Hiiuvain Ontario Contribution *
Phil Hill VA Contribution *
Jeff Hogan FL Contribution *
Ed Holland NC Contribution *
Hollan Holmes TX Contribution *
Nathan Holmes CO Contribution *
Paul Hoste MI Contribution *
Steffanie Humphrey HI Contribution *
Mark Hynes AZ Contribution *
Fredrik Höjefält Contribution *
Michael Issler NJ Contribution *
Robert (Jeff) Jaxel MD Contribution *
Steven Jeffes NC Contribution *
Ron Jenkins CA Contribution *
Arlan Johnson NE Contribution *
Ian Jones Ontario Contribution *
Colin Jung CA Contribution *
Ryan Karg OH Contribution *
Russ Kari WA Contribution *
Tom Katonak NM Contribution *
Tom Katonak NM Contribution *
Matt Keim PA Contribution *
Jack Kesling PA Contribution *
Jim Kimble NY Contribution *
Bill King Florida Contribution *
Cole King IN Contribution *
Dave Kingston SC Contribution *
Jeffrey Klassen KS Contribution *
Al Klaus NH Contribution *
Lanny Klawinsky TX Contribution *
Stanley Klein IA Contribution *
David Klotz WI Contribution *
Daisey Lake ID Contribution *
Nathan Lamkey OR Contribution *
Bryan Lane OH Contribution *
Bob Lanpher MA Contribution *
Mark Lauckner British Columbia Contribution *
Tim Leefeldt CA Contribution *
Alain Leroy Contribution *
Andrew Levin NC Contribution *
Andrew Levin NC Contribution *
Cindy Lim Root CA Contribution *
Wesley Lirette Nova Scotia Contribution *
David Little SC Contribution *
Dawn Lucas-Glasgow FL Contribution *
Preston Luman AZ Contribution *
Doug MacGillvary CT Contribution *
Bob MacHann TX Contribution *
Ian Macky CA Contribution *
Gerry Maira NY Contribution *
Dick Mallory CA Contribution *
R Kevin Mann FL Contribution *
Edward Manzano TX Contribution *
Jeff Markwart TX Contribution *
Doug Marshall MI Contribution *
Chris Martin PA Contribution *
Clete Martin TX Contribution *
Wes Martin British Columbia Contribution *
Joe Maurath, Jr. MA Contribution *
Jeff Maxwell Ohio Contribution *
Chris McClelland OH Contribution *
Chris McClelland OH Contribution *
Steve McCollum IL Contribution *
Tim McIntyre WA Contribution *
Rich McLaughlin CA Contribution *
Terry Mcgill NE Contribution *
Donald Mecklenborg OH Contribution *
Bill Meier MA Contribution *
Jill Meier MA Contribution *
Dean Meneilley Ontario Contribution *
Tomas Merski Hordaland Contribution *
Mark Merzoian CA Contribution *
Dennis Mickey WA Contribution *
Dennis Mickey WA Contribution *
Kevin Miller FL Contribution *
Michael Miller PA Contribution *
Zac Mirecki CT Contribution *
Christian Monrad AZ Contribution *
Judd Moody TX Contribution *
Chuck Moylan MO Contribution *
Chuck Moylan MO Contribution *
Chuck Moylan MO Contribution *
Mrs Murphy OH Contribution *
Tom Murphy IA Contribution *
David Myers OH Contribution *
John Myers AZ Contribution *
Roger Nagel AZ Contribution *
John Nasci NY Contribution *
Jason Nickerson Nova Scotia Contribution *
Barrett Nicpon Ontario Contribution *
Dale Nielson UT Contribution *
Daniel Nieroda GA Contribution *
M H Norris AZ Contribution *
Nick Norwood MT Contribution *
Larry Novak MD Contribution *
Mike O\'Loughlin ME Contribution *
Mike Oele MI Contribution *
Joe Olson WA Contribution *
Joe Olson WA Contribution *
Bill Ostrander OR Contribution *
Alex P. IL Contribution *
Thomas Palone NY Contribution *
Tim Parise FL Contribution *
Charles Patsch CA Contribution *
Matthew Payne WI Contribution *
Donald Pennisten OH Contribution *
John Pepin NC Contribution *
Peter Persoff MA Contribution *
Stephen Petersen WI Contribution *
Robin Plewes Ontario Contribution *
Matthew Poage CO Contribution *
Roger Pollard OR Contribution *
Jason Porter British Columbia Contribution *
Duane Pringle Missouri Contribution *
Royce Qualls Utah Contribution *
Marko Radojicic CA Contribution *
John Rajpolt CT Contribution *
Bill Reagan PA Contribution *
Mark Reutebuch SD Contribution *
Larry Richards AL Contribution *
Daryl Richardson NH Contribution *
Ken Richardson OH Contribution *
William Richardson CT Contribution *
William Richardson CT Contribution *
Brian Riecker CT Contribution *
Brian Riecker CT Contribution *
Tina Rienstra IN Contribution *
Jack Roach TX Contribution *
Bill Rohde CA Contribution *
Brandon Romero CA Contribution *
John Rousseau MA Contribution *
TJ Roux NC Contribution *
Doug Rusher MT Contribution *
William Russo TX Contribution *
Dennis Sabo CA Contribution *
Tim Sakcriska MI Contribution *
Matt Sawyer ME Contribution *
David Scales MA Contribution *
Tracy Schaff MD Contribution *
Dave Scharding PA Contribution *
Steve Schneider GA Contribution *
Mark Schultz British Columbia Contribution *
Bob Schwartz KS Contribution *
Thomas Sconiers Contribution *
Carl D. Scott CA Contribution *
Dennis Seltrecht IA Contribution *
William Shelton MS Contribution *
Jeff Sherry IL Contribution *
Jody Sherry CA Contribution *
Dan Shumaker UT Contribution *
Kyle Siekas MI Contribution *
Karen Silveira FL Contribution *
Ben Sisto RI Contribution *
Freddie Smith ID Contribution *
Ralph Smith NH Contribution *
Terry Smith CO Contribution *
Tommy Snead VA Contribution *
Bill Snell MO Contribution *
Graeme Snell Western Australia Contribution *
Jack Snyder MI Contribution *
Erik Sodemann FL Contribution *
Rick Soller IL Contribution *
Roger Sprague MI Contribution *
Daryl Stahler AZ Contribution *
Bob Stahr IL Contribution *
Neal Starkey FL Contribution *
William Staylor VA Contribution *
Ralf Steinberg Ontario Contribution *
Dennis Stewart OH Contribution *
Justin Stoudt PA Contribution *
Robert A Strezze OH Contribution *
Daisey Sue WA Contribution *
Andy Swanson IA Contribution *
Clay Swanson VT Contribution *
Michael Swanson OR Contribution *
Tobey Sweet CT Contribution *
Stuart Taylor Western Australia Contribution *
Brian Terry KS Contribution *
Gary Thiele CA Contribution *
Joe Thielmann IL Contribution *
Caleb Thimell OR Contribution *
Stacy Thomas TX Contribution *
Sam Thurmond FL Contribution *
Linda Tittsworth GA Contribution *
William Tracy Contribution *
Mike Tucker IA Contribution *
Ron Turlington AZ Contribution *
Cameron Tyre North Ayrshire Contribution *
Cameron Tyre North Ayrshire Contribution *
Larry Veneziano IL Contribution *
Andy Wadysz MI Contribution *
Dan Wagner NE Contribution *
Darryl Wagner MO Contribution *
J. Miles Waite British Columbia Contribution *
Jim Walters MN Contribution *
Eric Wampner TN Contribution *
Eric Wampner TN Contribution *
Andy Wander PA Contribution *
Terry Warchol NM Contribution *
Sam Washburn TX Contribution *
James Watson CO Contribution *
Ginny Way CT Contribution *
Dennis Weber MO Contribution *
Richard Wentzel NJ Contribution *
Malcolm Whitaker AZ Contribution *
David Whitten IN Contribution *
Dave Wiecek NJ Contribution *
Kenneth Willick NY Contribution *
Christian Willis CO Contribution *
Leslie Wilson FL Contribution *
Bill Winters WA Contribution *
John Wise OK Contribution *
John Wise OK Contribution *
Dave Wood Alberta Contribution *
Tim Wood OR Contribution *
Kathy Wreden AZ Contribution *
Darryl Wright TX Contribution *
George Wright CO Contribution *
George Wright CO Contribution *
George Wright CO Contribution *
James Wright TX Contribution *
Steve Yarnell MO Contribution *
Roger Youlden ID Contribution *
Patrick Young MI Contribution *
Ron Yuhas MT Contribution *
Roger Ziesak MT Contribution *
[Anonymous] Contribution *
Last updated: 2/24/2024

The standard club contribution is $25
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution

Club & Show Sponsors
Club/Show State Explanation of Donation
Enchantment Insulator Club NM Club Contribution *
Missouri Valley Insulator Club MO Club Contribution *
National Insulator Association USA Contribution *
Western Reserve Insulator Club PA Club Contribution *

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We thank you for all for your support!

Bill and Jill Meier

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