ICON Return Address Labels

Return Mr. Hemingray
154 Hemingray Ave
Muncie, IN 47305
Visit www.insulators.info

Actual size: 2 5/8" x 1"

The ICON return address labels come 30 to a sheet and are self adhesive.

Up to four lines of your text can fit on them, but on long lines the font size may have to be reduced slightly (or sometimes turn your zip+4 into just your zip) get them to fit. For the fourth line, some people include their NIA number, insulator club affiliation or their collecting specially. They are your labels, and I'll print whatever four lines of text you want!!

You can design and preview your own label. Be sure and use proper capitalization!! Just input the following fields and click "Preview".

"Visit www.insulators.info"
When your label is complete, select the number of pages you would like and click "Submit". Note: it doesn't cost any more to mail 2 pages, so only select 1 page if you really think you don't have a use for more.
Number of pages:

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Last updated Thursday, February 23, 2017