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This web site and the ICON mailing list are privately run and financed by BillView Icon Profile and Jill MeierView Icon Profile . We derive no income from this web site, but consider the expenses a donation to the hobby we enjoy so much. The following people and clubs have helped offset our costs with contributions to support the web site and the ICON mailing list. We are very grateful for this support! If you would like to help support ICON you can make a contribution from this page.
Individual Sponsors
Marilyn Albers Greg Hafer
Dwayne Anthony Spencer Howard
Rob Burnet Tom Katonak
Kim Chapman Mark Lauckner
Al Fournier Fred & Sue Padgett
Elton Gish Al & Ginny Way

Individual contributions are $10

ICON Sponsors over the years:

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We thank you for all for your support!

Bill and Jill Meier

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