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This web site (, the web site for collectors to host their personal web sites ( and the ICON mailing list are privately run and financed by BillView Icon Profile and Jill MeierView Icon Profile . We derive no income from these web sites,  keep them free from ads and banners, and consider our expenses a donation to the hobby we enjoy so much.

All ICON sponsors can get free return address labels.

The following people and clubs have helped offset our costs with contributions to support the web site and the ICON mailing list. We are very grateful for this support! If you would like to help support ICON, the suggested contribution is $10. Please send it to

Bill Meier, 103 Canterbury Court, Carlisle, MA 01741

Or make a donation now, using PayPal by clicking on the button below:

The standard individual contribution is $10
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution
Individual Sponsors
Name State Explanation of Donation
Asa Scot Adams Nova Scotia Contribution*
Timothy M. Baggett TN Contribution*
James Bancroft Staffordshire Contribution*
Jules Barad CA Contribution*
John Barber TX Contribution*
William Bennett TX Contribution*
Bob Berry TX Contribution*
Donald Briel UT Contribution*
Keith Brooking TX Contribution*
Richard Case IL Contribution*
Scott Clark CA Contribution*
David Collins GA Contribution*
David Collins GA Contribution*
Chris Cotnoir ME Contribution*
John De Sousa CT Contribution*
John C. Deinhart NY Contribution*
Glenn Delong II OH Contribution*
Dario DiMare MA Contribution*
Terry Drollinger WA Contribution*
Glenn Drummond AL Contribution*
Connie Dueker CO Contribution*
Dudley Ellis GA Contribution*
Russ Frank IL Contribution*
Russ Frank IL Contribution*
Dave French MN Contribution*
Mike Gaudy CO Contribution*
Dan Gauron CO Contribution*
Dan Gauron CO Contribution*
Bruce Gorham New Brunswick Contribution*
Mike Guthrie WA Contribution*
Greg Hafer NY Contribution*
John Hall TX Contribution*
Bill Harrison CA Contribution*
Mary Hays CA Contribution*
Gilberto Hedges-Blanquez WA Contribution*
James Hoffman IA Contribution*
Charles Irons DE Contribution*
David Jillette FL Contribution*
Bud (Robert) Johnson AZ Contribution*
Tom Katonak NM Contribution*
Andrew Levin NC Contribution*
Doug MacGillvary CT Contribution*
Bob MacHann TX Contribution*
Jeff Maxwell OH Contribution*
Bill Meier MA Contribution*
Jill Meier MA Contribution*
Zac Mirecki CT Contribution*
Christian Monrad AZ Contribution*
Chuck Moylan MO Contribution*
Barrett Nicpon Ontario Contribution*
Mid Norris OR Contribution*
Russell Paton British Columbia Contribution*
Robin Plewes Ontario Contribution*
Bill Reagan PA Contribution*
Brian Riecker OK Contribution*
Jack Roach TX Contribution*
Douglas R. Smith Ontario Contribution*
Jack Snyder MI Contribution*
Jack Snyder MI Contribution*
Rick Soller IL Contribution*
Rick Soller IL Contribution*
Lynn Stanger FL Contribution*
Dennis Stewart OH Contribution*
Randy Strong Ontario Contribution*
Andy Tarbay NY Contribution*
Caleb Thimell OR Contribution*
Dennis Weber MO Contribution*
Dave Wiecek NJ Contribution*
John Wilson MA Contribution*
Bill Winters WA Contribution*
Kathy Wreden AZ Contribution*
Patrick Young MI Contribution*
Anthony Zoppina NJ Contribution*

The standard club contribution is $25
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution

Club & Show Sponsors
Club/Show State Explanation of Donation
Dixie Jewels Insulator Club GA Club Contribution*
Enchantment Insulator Club NM Club Contribution*
Missouri Valley Insulator Club MO Club Contribution*
National Insulator Association USA Club Contribution*
Ottawa Valley Insulator Collectors Ontario Club Contribution*

ICON Sponsors over the years:

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We thank you for all for your support!

Bill and Jill Meier

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