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This web site (, the web site for collectors to host their personal web sites ( and the ICON mailing list are privately run and financed by BillView Icon Profile and Jill MeierView Icon Profile . We derive no income from these web sites,  keep them free from ads and banners, and consider our expenses a donation to the hobby we enjoy so much.

The following people and clubs have helped offset our costs with contributions to support the web site and the ICON mailing list. We are very grateful for this support!

If you would like to help support ICON you can make a contribution from this page.

The standard individual contribution is $10
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution
Individual Sponsors
Name State Explanation of Donation
Joe Abels IA Contribution*
Christopher Amodeo NY Raffle*
Dwayne Anthony CA Contribution*
Dwayne Anthony CA Contribution*
Steven Bahre Jr. FL Contribution*
E. Mark Baland TX Raffle*
James Bancroft United Kingdom Contribution*
Steve Baran WA Raffle*
P.L. Barkwell MO Raffle*
Sherman Barr OK Contribution*
Robert W. Baumann CA Contribution*
Sue Benison TX Raffle*
Rick J. Bentley NM Raffle*
Bob Berry TX Raffle*
Steve Blair OH Contribution*
Gary Bouchard VT Raffle*
Donald Briel UT Pins*
Donald Briel UT Contribution*
Keith Brooking TX Raffle*
Edward Brown NH Contribution*
Powell Brown NM Raffle*
John Bruner NC Raffle*
Jimmy Burns TX Raffle*
Linda Burr MO Raffle*
Christopher Campbell WI Raffle*
Richard Case IL Raffle*
Lee Childs MA Raffle*
Jack Comer AZ Raffle*
Dan Culver WA Contribution*
David Dahle SD Contribution*
David Dahle SD Raffle*
David Dangora MA Raffle*
Paul Deriso FL Raffle*
Dwight Dodge British Columbia Raffle*
Steven Drew British Columbia Raffle*
Terry Drollinger WA Contribution*
Terry Drollinger WA Raffle*
Sarah Dumphy Alberta Raffle*
Jeff Edgerton FL Contribution*
Anthony Eiting UT Raffle*
Mike Eiting UT Raffle*
Deb Fiedler MD Raffle*
Carol Fix NY Raffle*
Dave Fleishman British Columbia Contribution*
Dave Fleishman British Columbia Contribution*
Dave Fleishman British Columbia Contribution*
Jack Foote CA Raffle*
Bobby Foster NM Raffle*
Bobby Foster NM Raffle*
Russ Frank IL Contribution*
George Freeman OK Raffle*
Dave French MN Raffle*
Tim Galusha CO Contribution*
Mike Gaudy CO Raffle*
Dan Gauron CO Raffle*
Dan Gauron CO Contribution*
Gary Gaz UT Contribution*
Rob Gilkerson CO Raffle*
Joseph Gomez MI Raffle*
Bruce Gorham New Brunswick Contribution*
Bruce Gorham New Brunswick Raffle*
David Greenslade WY Raffle*
Ed Greenway GA Raffle*
Mike Guthrie WA Raffle*
Greg Hafer NY Contribution*
Bill Haley TN Raffle*
Lou Hall CA Raffle*
Jeff Hargrove CA Raffle*
Bill Harrison CA Raffle*
Robin Harrison WA Raffle*
Sandia Harrison Polivka IL Contribution*
Terry Haverstock Nova Scotia Raffle*
Gene Hawkins IN Contribution*
Chuck Haymond FL Raffle*
Ray Heim IL Contribution*
Jim Herrera CA Raffle*
Mike Herron GA Raffle*
Phil Hill VA Raffle*
Vicki Hill MN Raffle*
Jeff Hogan FL Contribution*
Ed Holland NC Raffle*
Jeff Hooper WA Raffle*
Scott Hovland CA Raffle*
Jeffrey How WA Raffle*
Tom Hudson MO Contribution*
Brickey Hughes VA Contribution*
Charles Irons DE Contribution*
Kevin Jacobson AZ Raffle*
David Jillette ME Contribution*
Bud Johnson AZ Contribution*
Bud Johnson AZ Raffle*
Harold (Bill) Johnson NV Raffle*
Jim Johnson TN Raffle*
Rick Jones OH Raffle*
Tom Katonak NM Raffle*
John Kerr Raffle*
Peter Kerr Raffle*
Stanley Klein IA Raffle*
Gary Kline WI Raffle*
John Larsen CA Raffle*
David Le Forge CA Raffle*
Bob Loftus CA Raffle*
Bob Loftus CA Contribution*
Dustin Logan TX Raffle*
Sharon Long OH Raffle*
Dan Lucas OH Raffle*
James Luster IL Raffle*
Mike Lyell TX Raffle*
Doug MacGillvary CT Contribution*
Bob MacHann TX Contribution*
Cliff MacMinn Ontario Raffle*
Dick Mallory CA Raffle*
Steve Marsh CA Raffle*
Terry Massey TX Raffle*
Joe Maurath, Jr. MA Contribution*
Philip Mayhew CT Contribution*
Sean McAusland NC Contribution*
Chris McClelland OH Contribution*
Steve McCollum IL Raffle*
Bill & Jill Meier MA Contribution*
Bill & Jill Meier MA Raffle*
Dean Meneilley Ontario Raffle*
Mark Merzoian CA Raffle*
Vernon Mesmer FL Contribution*
Jim Meyer FL Raffle*
Zac Mirecki CT Raffle*
Douglas Moody WA Contribution*
Randel Moore Ontario Raffle*
Aidan Morgan British Columbia Raffle*
Scott Morris TX Raffle*
Rick Mourning WA Raffle*
John Nasci NY Raffle*
James Nelson WA Raffle*
Barrett Nicpon Ontario Raffle*
Le Roy Niemi WI Raffle*
Mid Norris OR Raffle*
Duane Ostlund Saskatchewan Raffle*
Bill Ostrander OR Raffle*
Robin Plewes Ontario Contribution*
Matt Poage CO Contribution*
Mike Rainwater AZ Raffle*
John Rajpolt CT Contribution*
Bill Reagan PA Raffle*
Gary E. Reed British Columbia Raffle*
Deb Reed-Fowler MI Raffle*
Mark Reutebuch SD Raffle*
Al Riddell TX Contribution*
Brian Riecker OK Raffle*
Alan Riegler KY Raffle*
Arlen Rienstra IN Raffle*
Steve Roberts TN Contribution*
Larry Rogers FL Raffle*
Larry Rogers FL Contribution*
Bill Rohde CA Contribution*
Keith Roloson GA Raffle*
Barrie Rufi UT Raffle*
Stan Russ TX Raffle*
Stan Russ TX Contribution*
Reid Ryder Alberta Contribution*
Reid Ryder Alberta Raffle*
Tim Sakcriska MI Raffle*
Tracy Schaff MD Contribution*
David Schiferl SC Raffle*
Jeremiah Sconiers OH Raffle*
Gary Scott NY Raffle*
Pat Scott MO Wire ties*
Mike Shelley PA Contribution*
Larry & Alice Shumaker CA Contribution*
Denis Shynkaruk Saskatchewan Raffle*
Jim Sinsley ID Raffle*
Andy Smith Ontario Raffle*
Douglas & Mathew Smith Ontario Contribution*
Terry Smith CO Contribution*
Bill Snell MO Raffle*
Dale Stevens CO Contribution*
Randy Strong Ontario Contribution*
Randy Strong Ontario Raffle*
Clay Swanson VT Contribution*
Clay Swanson VT Raffle*
Maury Tasem CA Raffle*
Christopher Tella MA Raffle*
Gary Thiele CA Raffle*
Caleb Thimell OR Contribution*
Craig VanAuken NY Contribution*
Bill Vincent OR Contribution*
Miles Waite British Columbia Raffle*
Jim Walters MN Raffle*
Richard Wentzel NJ Contribution*
Malcolm Whitaker AZ Raffle*
Jim White IN Raffle*
David Wiecek NJ Contribution*
Kenneth Willick NY Raffle*
Bill Winters WA Contribution*
John Wise OK Contribution*
Kathy Wreden AZ Raffle*
Mike Wright NV Raffle*
Patrick Young MI Contribution*
Robert Youngers KS Raffle*
Ron Yuhas MT Raffle*
Greg Zickler NJ Raffle*

The standard club contribution is $25
* denotes standard contribution
* denotes extra contribution

Club & Show Sponsors
Club/Show State Explanation of Donation
Dixie Jewels Insulator Club GA Club Contribution *
Enchantment Insulator Club NM Club Contribution*
Jefferson State Insulator Club OR Club Contribution*
Nor-Cal Insulator Club CA Club Contribution*
Ottawa Valley Insulator Club Ontario Club Contribution*
Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club New England Club Contribution*

ICON Sponsors over the years:

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We thank you for all for your support!

Bill and Jill Meier

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