Patent of the Day
Design Patent 28,981 on July 5, 1898
By Ben Willard
Third Rail: Third rail insulator metal cap

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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Insulator & Bottle Shows in the next 59 days
Bottle Show Richmond, RI in 6 days Sat, July 11
Insulator Show West Leechburg, PA in 6 days Sat, July 11
Bottle Show Concord, NC in 13 days Sat, July 18
Bottle Show Daphne, AL in 13 days Sat, July 18
Insulator Show South Lake Tahoe, CA in 13 days CANCELED Sat, July 18
Insulator Show Loudonville, OH in 20 days CANCELED Sat, July 25
Bottle Show Reno, NV in 25 days CANCELED Thu, July 30 (5 day show)
Bottle Show Lincoln, AL in 34 days Sat, August 8
Insulator Show Porterville, CA in 41 days Sat, August 15
Insulator Show Bend, OR in 47 days Fri, August 21 (2 day show)
Insulator Show Nisswa, MN in 48 days Sat, August 22
Bottle Show Reno, NV in 56 days Sun, August 30
NIA show Farmington, NM in 362 days Fri, July 2 (3 day show)
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Insulator show listings courtesy All Insulators - Crown Jewels Of The Wire
Happy Birthday!
age 62 Today!! Sun, July 5
age 30 Today!! Sun, July 5
age 70 Tomorrow! Mon, July 6
age 65 Tomorrow! Mon, July 6
age 41 Tomorrow! Mon, July 6
age 49 Tomorrow! Mon, July 6
Happy Anniversary!
29 years Today!! Sun, July 5
12 years Today!! Sun, July 5
29 years Today!! Sun, July 5
23 years Today!! Sun, July 5
30 years Tomorrow! Mon, July 6
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June 14, 2020
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