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This site is mainly about the hobby of collecting antique glass and porcelain insulators and related items; and it is much less likely I will be able to answer questions outside of that category.

I make every attempt to personally answer your questions and comments. Please be aware however, that I may not be able to answer every message. Also, I am not versed in all the material on this web site, and may not be qualified to answer your question. Before you ask a question, please be sure you have attempted to find the answer first on the web site by clicking on the button below to go to the search page.

How much is my insulator worth?
There are many thousands of variations of insulators, ranging from extremely common to one of a kind. Please do not ask the above question to me! Consult the Frequently Asked Questions and/or Insulator Profiles for some information on pricing insulators. If you do contact me, please be very specific, and include the following for each insulator:
If you don't provide this much information, I will not be able to attempt to give you an answer. Please understand that if  you can not provide this basic information, I will just have to ask you for it, and I really don't have the time to ask for this information, when I have just requested that you provide me with it when you first contact me! Thanks for understanding...

What is a "something"?
If you have a question about a term or phrase, please consult the Glossary of Insulator Terms.

Questions about ICON:
There is a full web subsection dealing with questions about ICON. Please read that section before sending email.

Mason Jars, Fruit Jars, Bottles:
Although this site has a small page about fruit jars and bottles, they are not my specialty. If you have a question about them, please visit the Antique Bottle Collectors Haven.

Commercial and Industrial Usage:
This site is about the hobby of collecting antique glass and porcelain insulators. We do not sell or manufacture insulators for suppliers and can not quote prices for various commercial orders.

Please reread the categories above to see if your question is covered. If you have not found an answer to your question, and it is about an area I can address, or you have a comment about the site, please send me email.

Thank you, and "Happy Collecting!"
    Bill Meier

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