Insulator Profiles

This section contains profiles of a number of significant insulators. Included with each profile is a photograph, a detailed description of the insulator's use, production dates and other information. Check the glossary for definitions of many of the terms that are used in this section.

Tip: For more information about insulator companies, read this article about A History of Insulator and Fruit Jar Manufacturers.

This section has two parts:

Style Numbers:

Style Manufacturer CD Number Usage
9 Hemingray 106 Telephone Rural Systems
10 Hemingray 115 Telephone Exchange
12 Hemingray 113 Telephone Exchange
14 Hemingray 160 Telephone Rural Systems
16 & 17 Hemingray 122 Telephone Long Distance
21 Hemingray 145 Telegraph
42 Hemingray 154 Telegraph
43 Hemingray 214 Telegraph
45 Hemingray 155 Telephone Long Distance
56 Hemingray 203 Telephone Rural Systems
CSA, CSC Hemingray 128 Telephone Long Distance
IN-56 Owens-Illinois 1032 Telephone


Telephone Exchange Insulators:

Telephone Rural Systems:

Telephone Long Distance Insulators:

Telegraph Insulators:

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