Insulator Profile:

CD 115 Hemingray-10
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CD: 115
Manufacturer: Hemingray
Style Number: 10
Trade Name: Exchange Line
Size: 2 1/2" W x 3 1/4" H
Weight: 10 oz.
Production Date: 1914 - 1950's
Usage: Telephone (exchange)
"The use of twisted pairs of wires instead of two drop-wires require a special insulator, and in 1914, the Hemingray No. 10 pony insulator was developed for this purpose."

"It is today accepted as standard for most telephone exchange systems. Its grooves are close together to accommodate the twisted pair of wires, and are square so as to hold both wires securely. Somewhat thicker glass sections make it much sturdier than early exchange system types."

Common Variations:
Colors: Hemingray Blue, Aqua, and Clear
Bases: Smooth, Corrugated, Round or Sharp drip points
Embossings: (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) PATENTED/MAY 2 1893
(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) No 10
(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY/MADE IN U.S.A. (R-Skirt) No 10
(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-10 (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A.
(Numbers and dots may appear below the embossing on either or both the front and the back)
If your insulator has "numbers and dots" on it, you can find out more about them
by reading this information about dating your insulator.
Uncommon Variations:
Colors: Green
Embossings: (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-16 {Note 16} (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A./[Number]
(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-10 (R-Skirt) [Numbers]
(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-10 (R-Skirt) [Numbers and dots]/MADE IN U.S.A.
Various blotted out embossings and spelling errors

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