The Most Popular and Desirable Glass Insulators

In the fall of 2013 Dwayne Anthony conducted a survey on ICON about what was the most popular, desirable and favorite glass insulators.  In the case of a tie for the tenth position, a special tie-breaker vote was conducted to determine the final tenth position The shaded rows represent the next ten runner-ups.

His survey broke them down into three categories:

Most Widely Desirable Scarce to Rare Glass Insulators

1CD 130.1Cal Elec Works, Cobalt Blue25
2CD 181NN (Pluto), Aqua24
3CD 123EC&M, Cobalt Blue24
4CD 151H.G.Co. NATCO, Peacock Blue21
5CD 257Hemingray, Electric Blue20
6CD 141.9Emminger, Aqua17
7CD 145H.G.Co, Amber shades15
8CD 109.5Harloe, Aqua12
9CD 735Mulford & Biddle, Cobalt Blue11
10CD 126W Brookfield, Purple10
11CD 112.4Hemingray No 8, Golden Amber9
12CD 141.7Twiggs, Clear9
13CD 206NN, Blue9
14CD 206NN, Light Green9
15CD 127WUP, Cobalt Blue8
16CD 159Gregory, Aqua8
17CD 260California, Yellow8
18CD 109Chicago, Aqua7
19CD 126W Brookfield, Red Amber7
20CD 287.1Locke, Peacock Blue7

Most Desirable CD Styles

1CD 257 (Mickey Mouse)25
2CD 145 (Beehive)25
3CD 162 (Signal)22
4CD 102 (Pony)18
5CD 123 (EC&M Co)16
6CD 141.9 (Emminger's)15
7CD 15114
8CD 181 (Pluto)13
9CD 206 (Castle)13
10CD 130.1 (Fluted Cal Elec Works)12
11CD 14312
12CD 1069
13CD 109.5 (Harloe Claw)9
14CD 1359
15CD 139 (Combination Safety)9
16CD 1549
17CD 268 (Crown)9
18CD 317 (Candlestick)9
19CD 126 (Blobtop)8
20CD 1338
21CD 138.9 (Twin-Pin)8
22CD 141.7 (Twiggs)8
23CD 1648
24CD 265 (Fisher)8
25CD 735 (style of "Pilgrim Hat")8

Most Widely Popular Glass Insulators

1CD 257Hemingray (or Patent), clear, aqua, hemingray blue47
2CD 154Whitall Tatum, purple36
3CD 162H.G.Co./Hemingray, electric/peacock/cobalt blue35
4CD 102Diamond, Purple24
5CD 235Pyrex, Carnival23
6CD 135Chicago, Aqua19
7CD 123EC&M, Aqua17
8CD 303/310Muncie15
9CD 100Surge14
10CD 214Hemingray, 7-up Green12
11CD 106Hemingray, 7-up Green12
12CD 162H.G.Co./Hemingray, Amber's12
13CD 145H.G.Co, Jade Green11
14CD 154Dominion, Amber11
15CD 734McMicking, Aqua11
16CD 164Maydwell, White Milkglass10
17CD 110.5National, Aqua8
18CD 143Canadian Pacific, Purple8
19CD 263Columbia, Aqua8
20CD 162California, Purple7

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