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Collecting insulators from outside North America has become increasingly popular as more and more people are traveling to Europe and other parts of the world. Collectors, or friends of collectors, are bringing back totally different insulator styles of glass and porcelain, many in beautiful colors and with unique trademarks. Some of these pieces date back as far as the earliest ones used in America. It is fascinating to research the historical background of foreign insulator manufacturers, to be able to recognize their trademarks, and to discover the many patents that protected their designs.

Foreign insulators have become an exciting new road to travel. Who knows what rare jewels are yet to be discovered in far away lands? The field is wide open!

You can view these photographs by country by selecting a country from the list below. Or, you can start with the first country, and progress through all the countries. For each country, a summary of insulator manufacturing is presented, and then you can view the photographs of insulators produced by that country. The photograph is displayed on the same page with the country, CD, and color information.

A special "Thanks" goes to Marilyn Albers for providing these diverse photographs of some colorful and unusual foreign insulators.

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