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Argentine flag Argentine Insulators

A few examples of CD 128 and CD 154 have been attributed to Cristalerias Rigolleau S.A., a glass insulator manufacturer located in the city of Buenos Aires. These were made for use on antennas as well as for telephone lines.

These telephone insulators are copies of American styles and appear to be of fairly recent manufacture, in that they are well made and free from bubbles and other defects common in older insulators. Typical colors include clear, and light to medium sky blue.

A special thanks to Roberto Dario Frassinetti, an antique dealer in Argentina, who just happened to find and photograph these insulators and found www.insulators.info from searching the Internet and contacting me.

For more information about insulators produced by Argentina see the chapter about Argentine Insulators in the book Glass Insulators from Outside North America.

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