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This is a posting place for "for sale" and "for trade" lists for glass insulators, porcelain insulators, or go-withs. The advantage this has over email lists, is that all the information is collected in one place, these pages get greater exposure than the email list, and that optional photographs can be included. All of these insulators are now in the Insulator Finder! database. If you have specified your want list to the Insulator Finder!, you may not even need to read through these pages!

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Date SellerListItemsPrice Range
11/11/20 About meJohn RajpoltGlass InsulatorsUpdated 11/11/20469 $1.00 - $1000.00

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* "RESTORING SERVICE" ... open edition print $75
* "MICKEYS IN SERVICE" ... open edition print $75
* Cloisonné Pin with an Electric Blue CD 257 Hemingray "Mickey" Insulator $4.00
* Cloisonné Pin with a Purple CD 200 California Insulator $4.00

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Last updated Sunday, October 23, 2016