Cloisonné Pin - CD 200

Cloisonné Pin with a Purple CD 200 California Insulator

Custom Made For Insulator Collectors

This high-quality cloisonné pin depicts a purple CD 200 California insulator on a white background, with gold lettering and braided border. The pins are 1 inch square.

These pins are just the first in a series. Future pins will depict insulators of different shapes, colors, and manufacturers. You may want to collect one of each.

CD 257 Hemingray
Electric Blue
"Mickey Mouse"

Cloisonné Pin - CD 257

Some of the ladies are ordering them in pairs to serve as earrings. It is not certain if they are hypoallergenic or not, and they are a little heavy, but they do work for this purpose.

Anyone can wear one on a hat or shirt. One of these pins is a great conversation piece at an insulator show, at the office, or around town. Let people know what you collect - let them ask you what the heck insulators are - have these people tell you that they have three at home just like it (a CD 200 in purple?) then ask if you are interested in buying them. Wearing a pin could open doors for you!

(Having these pins made was a large personal investment because a minimum order was required. I have to sell a few more to make my initial investment back. Any profit will go toward ordering another set of pins.)

Pin Prices:

Please indicate the number of each style you would like to order.
CD 200 California and CD 257 Hemingray:

$4.00 each + $1.50 postage and handling
$7.00 for any two + $1.50 postage and handling
$10.00 for any three + $1.50 postage and handling
(Volume discounts for orders of 25 or more)

Postage and handling for shipping to the United States or Canada (overseas rate is higher)

Note For Show Hosts:

National or Regional show hosts may want to order a special insulator for their upcoming show - either to be sold to commemorate their show and/or to be given as thank-you mementos for those who purchase a table at their show. I would need to receive such orders at least 12 weeks in advance - but right away would be best. You pick the CD and color, and I will draw it. (Remember, aqua is not very colorful!) A special discount will be given to any show hosts reserving 75 or more pins of their own design.

Order From:

The Rainbow Riders' Trading Post
Attention: Ron & Patti Norton
Dept. WWW
234 North Fifth Street
Port Hueneme, CA 93041

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Last updated Monday, September 14, 2015