Glass Insulator Glass Insulator Photographs

To see some of the great variety of shapes and colors of some foreign insulators, you can view these photographs of some foreign glass insulators and some foreign porcelain insulators.

Note: These photographs mainly illustrate colorful or rare insulators. These insulators are not for sale. Information about more common insulators and their history are in the Insulator Profiles section.

Tip: For a description of CD numbers used below, see the section CD Numbers Explained.

The prices quoted are those listed in the 2007 Price Guide and the sizes are those specified in The Glass Insulator in America, 1988 Report.


The above photographs have been provided by Dwayne Anthony, Elton Gish, Mike Guthrie, Dean Hemphill, Gary Kline, Ray Klingensmith, Kevin Lawless, John McDougald and Bill Meier, and have been used with permission.

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