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Who am I?

My husband Bill and I live in Carlisle, Massachusetts with our two cats,  Hemi (for "Hemingray") and Amber (as in "Amber 8"). We began collecting insulators in the spring of 1989. Our first insulator show was the 1989 Allentown, PA National Show. In 1995, we co-hosted the National in Marlborough, MA.

I have been active in both local and national insulator "politics". I have held the offices of:

Bill and I received the NIA Lifetime Membership Award in 2000.

Unofficially, I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the hobby, including designing Web pages for several non-profit organizations, sending out promotional material, proofing Bill's insulator pages, and other odd jobs. My personal web site is called "Jill's Castle".

Professionally, I am a semi-retired Software Engineer. Meanwhile, I have plenty to keep me busy!

What do I collect?

Bill and I collect anything manufactured by or related to the Hemingray Glass Company. Our collection includes insulators, Water Bottles, Fruit Jars and other items. Bill talks more about our collection on his page, and being engineers, we know the perils of redundant data!

I collect postage stamps and related postal material on various topics, including insulators. My stamp collection also includes stamps depicting minerals, waterfalls and other natural formations, cats and anything else that strikes my fancy! I guess I was born with a collector personality. We have two cats, down from an all-time high of four. Once when I was buying two large bags and a case of cat food, the store keeper asked if I was a breeder. I said no, I was just a collector!

What is my favorite insulator?

This is a question that my husband persists in asking me. I tell him it's like choosing which cat is my favorite! I have always been a purple-lover, so I really enjoy our purple stuff. The CD 145 H.G.Co. in Purple is the only one there is a picture of now; we have to fix that!! I also love the vibrance of Peacock Blue. CD 151, CD 164, and CD 287.1 are available for your viewing pleasure, but photographs are never as good as the real thing!

How to contact me

Jill Meier
103 Canterbury Court
Carlisle, MA 01741

Written by Jill Meier,

Last updated Wednesday, August 18, 1999

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