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Insulators on Postage Stamps

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There are a number of insulator collectors who enjoy collecting stamps and other postal material featuring insulators and related subjects. Many countries celebrate anniversaries such as the invention of the telephone and the telegraph, and the use of electricity. Communist and socialist countries, like the Soviet Union and East Germany, depicted industrial scenes often, and high tension towers can be seen on many of these stamps. This photograph shows a variety of postage stamps depicting insulators.

First day covers are envelopes cancelled on the first day of issue of a stamp. Some commercial enterprises sell first day covers that are decorated with a "cachet" that complements the stamp. Insulators have appeared in cachets as well as on stamps. Several individuals in the insulator hobby have also created cacheted envelopes to commemorate the National Insulator Association annual conventions.

Insulators also appear in other ways on postal-related items. On the front of this postcard is a picture of "Reddy Kilowatt" who is "Building a Finer Carolina!" The back is a 1952 bill from the Carolina Power & Light Co. Reddy Kilowatt items are another insulator go-with.

An article titled "Insulator hobby embraces postage stamps" appeared in the February 24, 1997 issue of Linn's Stamp NewsLink to off-site page in the "Topics and Themes" column.  This article was available online at Linn's website for a period of time, and, with permission, this article now appears on this site.

For other stamp collectors, Joe Luft maintains a great list of stamp resourcesLink to off-site page on the Web.

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