Water Bottles

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These refrigerator water bottles were manufactured by the Hemingray Glass Company, during the 1930's and possibly into the 1940's. Two standard designs, "The Waterfall" and "The Well" were actually granted design patents to Ernest Bilby, and assigned to Hemingray. An example of "The Waterfall" design appears above. Over a dozen other designs, although less common, also exist.

The bottles typically come in standard quart and half gallon sizes, although there are a few pint sizes known as well. Here is a nice photograph contrasting the size of a quart and a pint bottle. The quart has "The Spirit of '76" design and the pint has "The Well" design. The colors are fairly standard, with the early ones typically ice aqua or green, and the later ones clear. Some amber bottles also exist. Take a look at this couple of beautiful amber quarts. The one on the left is "The Well" design and the one on the right "The Waterfall" design.

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