Commemorative and Miniature Insulators

Commemorative Insulators

This write-up on Commemorative and Miniature Insulators is taken from information provided in A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators and the 2003 Price Guide.

Commemorative and miniature insulators:

During the life of the insulator hobby, both organizations and individuals have used insulator shapes to produce privately-issued replicas or replicas which commemorate events within the hobby. The photograph above shows a variety of commemorative insulators (including some porcelain ones as well!)

The National Insulator Association adopted the "threadless hat" commemorative for its annual show. Originally designed by Frank Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the commemorative was first made following the First National Swap Meet in New Castle, Indiana, in 1970. The commemorative continues to be issued annually with only the color of the glass and the show location which is embossed on the base changing. John and Carol McDougald took over its production in 1979. This commemorative is the most widely collected, and specimens from the earliest shows are quite valuable.

For the National Insulator Association's 10th Anniversary in 1983, approximately 300 sets with five colors of a full size replica of a CD 257 "Mickey Mouse" were produced. Profits donated to the National Insulator Association funded the republication of the NIA handbook. The commemorative has no threads, and is embossed "NATIONAL INSULATOR ASSOCIATION 10TH ANNIVERSARY 1983" on the base. JohnView Icon Profile and Carol McDougaldView Icon Profile sponsored the project.

Commemorative insulators include:

Private issue commemoratives include:

Salesman miniature insulators:

These were by several insulator manufacturers, including Armstrong, Brookfield, and Hemingray. These samples were probably given away by salesmen. The Hemingray ones were also available at the 1933 World's Fair Century of Progress Exhibition. These salesman sample insulators make great "go-withs" and include:

Private issue miniature insulators:

These replicas should not be confused with miniature salesman's samples by the insulator manufacturers Armstrong, Brookfield and Hemingray. Private issue miniature insulators include:

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