"Canada 2000"
 CD 726 Commemorative Insulators

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Canada 2000

These commemoratives are made in the tradition of pioneer glassworks, hand gathered and hand pressed in a 2-piece mold. They are basically a solid pour with no pin hole, but have an indent forming a small hollow skirt.

The "art" pieces will also be available this year. These are made by adding lots of colored swirl or swirls to the glass pot right before pouring into the mold. The result is somewhere between an old marble and the swirled McLaughlin commemoratives. The most popular style last year was the clear base glass with single or double colored swirls throughout. The transparent swirl colors available are: yellow, green, blue, opalescent, cranberry red; and the opaque: yellow, orange, red, blue, white and black. The maximum number of colors I can get in the pours is three.

Base embossed "CANADA 2000"and no pin hole provides full dome glass. In response to concerns that these commemoratives look too realistic, they are now virtually a solid-pour, with only a small indentation in the base.

(Right) ICON'er Russell Paton watching Mark pour a commemorative.

In 2001, the CD 726 style Canadian Commemorative in RED was produced.

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Written Thursday, July 13, 2000; updated Thursday, December 20, 2001