Mid-Ohio Miniature Commemoratives

Show above, left to right:

  • No 30, 2000, Swirled Jade Milk Glass
  • No 31, 2001, Yellow-Green Vaseline
  • No 32, 2002, Cobalt Blue
  • No 33, 2003, Wine Swirled
  • No 34, 2004, Purple

The first one was produced by show co-host Steve Blair to commemorate the 30th Mid-Ohio show in 2000. Each year after that a new one was produced, and numbered 31, 32 ...  They are a miniature CD 269 "Roman Helmet" style, and are about 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" in size. Each is embossed (F-Skirt) MID-OHIO (R-Skirt) No ## where ## is 30, 31, ... to correspond to the 2000, 2001, ... show commemoratives.

Shown below is a photograph (courtesy Kevin Jacobson) of the iron mold used to create these. Each insulator was hand-molded one at a time, removed from the mold, "polished" on a fire wheel to remove small sharp edges of glass, and then annealed overnight.

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Last updated Monday, November 22, 2004