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2007 Insulator Paperweight Series

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2007 Insulator Paperweight Series

The Museum

As a "private" museum, I have decided to open it to the public with no admission charge. Money for paying the light bill, etc. will be raised through the sale of a series of insulator "paperweights". These are being offered to visitors to the museum and will also be offered for purchase online.

2007 Insulator Paperweight Series

The 2007 series is based on the "short beehive" Canadian Railway telegraph insulator. Each one is embossed, "Mayne Island Insulator Museum" on the front skirt side, and "BC Canada 2007" on the base. These paperweights have no pinhole and are solid-poured, with an indentation in the bottom which produces "skirt sides".

I have decided to offer the 2007 series online. The set contains 6 colours:

To order a set please see for full information.

For a full history of this project, and complete ordering information for these insulators is available on Mark's Mayne Island Glass Foundry web site. Be sure and take a look!

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Written Monday, April 30, 2007