"Insulators on Stamps" Published!

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The February 24, 1997 issue of Linn's Stamp News features a full page article on page 40

Insulator hobby embraces postage stamps

By Jill Meier

Included with the article are eight full color pictures of insulators on stamps as well as Reddy Kilowatt on a 1952 electric bill and the 1989 National Insulator Association cacheted envelope. Our web site http://www.insulators.com is mentioned, along with contact information for the National Insulator Association.

The (nearly) complete text of the article can be viewed at Linn's Stamp NewsLink to off-site page page under the Topics and Themes - Insulators on StampsLink to off-site page. [The complete text can not be posted to our site for several months due to publishing agreements with Linn's but expect to see it here at that time! For now, you can see most of it at their site.] Take a look!

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Written Tuesday, February 18, 1997