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ICON - now more than a mailing list! Joining ICON does NOT require you to subscribe to the mailing list! You can just provide information about yourself, your collecting interests, and your interests in helping other collectors. At the very least, if you provide your name and email address, other online collectors can also find you online!

Note: If you want to update your ICON information please use this form.

By default, by joining ICON, you are also subscribed to the ICON mailing list. If you do not want to be on the mailing list, please uncheck the "Add me to the ICON mailing list" box below. Please read the ICON mailing list guidelines for more information about the ICON mailing list.

Please note: This form asks a lot of information; study it carefully. Required fields are marked with a * and the rest of the information is optional. However, you and other collectors will benefit by sharing more information. Supply as much additional information as you are comfortable with!

Be sure to read and understand the Privacy Options and remember to press the "Join ICON" button at the bottom of the form.

Please take this seriously, and try to be sure of the accuracy of all the information you choose to provide, and try to type in your responses in the correct case. Thanks for your help!

Basic Information:
* First Name: Only these three fields are required to join ICON! Note: If you are just changing your email address or digest mode, please use this change form.
* Last Name:
* Email Address:
Mailing Notifications:
Notify me when the web site is updated. Select the types of email notifications you would like to receive.
Notify me when a new for sale list is posted.
Join the ICON mailing list. Select a delivery preference:
    Daily Digest
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You can either request a "Daily Digest" which is a single email message sent in the morning that contains all the messages sent the previous day or "Individual Messages" where you will be sent each message individually as soon as it is sent to the list.
Contact Information:
Address: All fields are optional, except ZIP code which is used for demographic purposes only. However, over 75% of our members have given out their address. Won't you consider filling in yours?
* Zip:
* Country:
About You and Your Collection:
(Optional) Give a brief description of what you collect, and what you have on display.
My web page: If you have a web page about yourself you will be listed on our insulator collectors pages.
The page contains a photo of me or my collection
Special Dates:
Month:   Day:   Year: of your Birthday If you provide this information (yes, the year is optional! :-), when the date comes, a friendly announcement will appear on the home page! If your spouses first name is provided, it will be included in the announcement.
Month:   Day:   Year: of your Anniversary
      Spouses first name only
Helping the Hobby:
I am willing to show my collection to others People are the source of a great deal of knowledge within the hobby. Showing your collection to others can be fun, and also educational. Helping mentor new collectors is one of the greatest contributions to the hobby you can make!
I am willing to help mentor other collectors
I am willing to travel to help mentor other collectors
Your Involvement in the Hobby:
Yes  No - I am a member of the National Insulator Association
    NIA number if an active NIA member
The information you provide here is used for summary statistics only. You will NOT be solicited based on this information. If you are a member of an insulator club, please specify the club that you are primarily involved with.
Insulator Club
Yes  No - I subscribe to an insulator magazine
Yes  No - I have been to insulator shows
Buying and Selling:
I am interested in buying insulator collections Are you interested in following leads about collections for sale? Do you buy or sell on eBay?
eBay User Name
Privacy Options:
No information We respect your need for confidentiality. You can select the level of information you want to make available to non-ICON members. All ICON members will always be able to see all information that you supply. NEVER will ANY information on this form be sold or given to other individuals or organizations.
My name and email address only
My name, email address, and city/state.
All information
How You Found Us:
Word of mouth This is just used to see how people have found this web site and ICON.
Flyer at a show
Reference in an insulator magazine
Searching the web
Link from another web site

When you are done, be sure to press the "Join ICON" button.

You may also want to create a Insulator Collectors' Page about yourself; to share your interests with other collectors.

If you have questions or comments, please use this Feedback Form.

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