ICON Mailing List - Change Request

To change information about you, fill in the form below and press the "Change my entry" button.

If you are changing your email address, your old email address does not have to be valid!
If you are just changing your delivery preference, set the new email address to your old (current) email address.
If you want to change more than your email address or delivery preference please go to the ICON update page.
New Email Address:
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Delivery preference: You can either request a "Daily Digest" which is a single email message sent in the morning that contains all the messages sent the previous day or "Individual Messages" where you will be sent each message individually at the time it is sent to the list.

Daily Digest
Individual Messages

You may also want to create a Insulator Personal Page about yourself; to share your interests with other collectors.

If you have questions or comments, please use this Feedback Form.

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Last updated Friday, January 1, 2021