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Lee Brewer with three Pea Soup beehives

Greetings to all of you from the wonderfully cool climate of PA's Great Lake snow belt! My name is Lee Brewer, I was born in 1962, and have been collecting insulators since I was young. I took a recess from the hobby since I could find no others in the Erie, PA area that had any interest in these addicting pieces of glass.

I have a wonderful wife, Tammy (12 great years of marriage - and only getting better!), 4 great children: Sam (9 1/2); Seth (7 1/3); Stephen (4); and Becky (2). I am a principal/teacher in a small (micro!) Christian school which I helped to found in 1995 in Wattsburg, PA. My faith in the unchanging truths of God's Word is the very basis of my life.

Here is a picture of my three sons (interesting that I play a saxophone...) in what I call the 'Insulator Graveyard' that is not too far from my house. My little girl was not in the picture because she was sleeping in the car!

My three sons on an insulator hunting trip

Upon becoming part of the cyberworld in February '98, I typed in www.insulators.info (on a whim) and my whole life changed! After 25 years I started to hunt insulators again and then remembered I had some packed away in the attic...

I discovered in June '98 that an insulator I had picked up as a teen, and two identical pieces that I found in the 'Insulator Graveyard' in April '98, were not as common as I thought. Why would I suspect the 3 whole (and one smashed) pea soup green CD 145 (F-skirt) H.G.CO (R-skirt) PETTICOAT insulators were not common since I had found that many of them?!

Three CD 145 H.G.CO's in Pea Soup

Because of these beauties, I was able to experience a dream come true! For the complete story - see the October 1998 issue of Crown Jewels Of The Wire where the McDougald's graciously printed my 'Ultimate Insulator Experience'. Oh yes... sorry... the three in this picture have been sold!

But the story does not end here! Something that happened after my experience had been published added icing to the cake - I found yet another one of these jewels hiding in another box in the attic! I  kept that one for my collection!

I have no real specialty as to what I collect. I do have an affinity for different colored CD 162.1 Brookfield's though.

When not thinking insulators, I enjoy my teaching ministry; hunting; fishing; camping; survival-camping; computers (specifically AMIGA) and computer programming; clean sci-fi; learning about anything; and inventing my own ways of doing things [ask me about my gasoline, pollution reducing, Hydrogen system - I've doubled my mileage! :^) ].

Anytime you want to e-mail me, please do! Happy collecting to all! Thanks for viewing my page. Remember - attend shows often - and take young people with you!

"Pea Soup!"

"Pea Soup!"

Click on the play button to see what my little 3 year old has to say about our hobby!

Written by Lee Brewer,

Last updated Friday, February 5, 1999

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