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Sam Brewer

Hi my name is Sam. I started collecting insulators when I was 8 and now I'm 10 {In the year 1999}. I have a little over 20 insulators. My dad Lee and I go insulator hunting and find some pieces that I think are pretty. I like insulators because of their colors. One of my favorite ones is one my dad got for me, it's a CD 205. It's a pretty blue color and it's a weird shape. I love going to insulator shows. I like looking at the pretty colors and weird shapes. I hope that the next show I go to will be big and nice and I also hope I'll be able to add some nice pieces to my collection.

A view of my collection

The first insulator show I went to was in London, Ohio. It was pretty big and I got some nice insulators. One was a blue Mickey mouse I got for $2.56 and it was marked $5.00. I also got a cobalt blue porcelain for free and it was marked $10.00. I collect other things but insulators are my favorite things to collect.

Written by Sam Brewer, (my dad's email)

Last updated Sunday, September 5, 1999

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