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Hi my name is Seth Brewer. I am 8 years old (2000). I like insulators because some are weird shapes and pretty. My favorite insulator is a purple CD 102 pony. I like it because of its color and shape. I started collecting insulators when I was 6.

My first show was London Ohio in 1998. The 2000 National show was when I got my purple pony. Mr. Ken (Willick), Mrs. McDougald, Uncle Marty and Aunt Chris (Caverly), Mr. and Mrs. Pollard, are some nice people I really like. Mrs. McDougald sold me my first Mickey Mouse for a good price.

I only like some places we go hunting insulators because I like it when the poles are in the woods and not right in the sun.

One day I would like to own a McMicking (Daddy tells me it is a CD 734). I already own green beehives, an orange commemorative, a purple bell, a clear and blue bell, a clear Mickey Mouse, a blue Mickey Mouse, a blue porcelain pony, a brown porcelain pony, other porcelain, a cobalt blue porcelain insulator, and a brown porcelain insulator.

I collect insulators and monkeys, but I like insulators more than the monkeys.
(even though I like the monkeys a lot).

Written by Seth Brewer, (my dad's email)

Last updated Monday, October 2, 2000

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