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At the end of the 1997 National Insulator Show's banquet and awards presentation, NIA president Rick Baldwin began reading...

"Some of you know him as the National Insulator Association Eastern Regional Vice President...

"Some of you know him as a Hemingray collector and researcher...

"Some of you know him as Jill Meier'sView Icon Profile husband...

"Some of you know him as 'Webmaster' of www.insulators.com...

I'd like to present Bill Meier with the National Insulator Association Outstanding Service Award for 1997.

According to the NIA bylaws, the "Outstanding Service Award" is given to an NIA member who has performed outstanding service for the NIA and contributed substantially to the insulator hobby over the past calendar year.

Needless to say, I was quite proud and honored to be presented with this award! I didn't have the opportunity at the banquet to give an "acceptance speech", but if I did it would have included the following:

"I'd like to thank Keith Roloson, the pioneer in organizing the email addresses of insulator collectors on the Internet back in late 1994 and early 1995. Now, an automated mail server distributes messages to about 350 people.

"I'd especially like to thank Don Lundell, for the idea of creating an insulators Web site, for creating the initial page back in April 1995, and for hosting the Insulators web site at his company's site Resilience.com for 10 months until I was able to establish the current web site at www.insulators.com.

"Thanks also to Steve Jones and Bob Berry for creating the Porcelain Insulator Pages, and to all the other people and magazine editors who have contributed material to this site.

"Finally, a special thanks to my loving wife Jill; who, without her support, I would have never had the time to be able to create and maintain this site."

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Written Sunday, August 17, 1997