Geographical Locations of Glass Insulator Usage in North America

Introduction: This endeavor began back in the early 1990s. My original intent was to gather as much data as possible and eventually publish it in a booklet form for collectors. The gathering process proved to be much more challenging than originally anticipated…then along came the Internet. I am pleased to finally have this opportunity to openly share this assemblage of data with you. I especially look forward to seeing the listings increase as new submissions are received.

The Purpose: The listings in this database are being collected for historical preservation purposes and to be used as a reference base for insulator collectors. As each insulator is removed from service, a piece of our industrial history vanishes with it. Recording this information while still achievable is an important mission for our generation of insulator collecting.

The Data: There are numerous examples of common insulators that were used by the millions in multitudes of locations across the country. It is not the intent to list these “common” insulators here. The goal is to record insulators that were seemingly limited in their locations of usage, however as new information is constantly added, this may not appear to be the case for certain entries. As the title implies, entries are limited to the geographical locations of glass insulator usage in North America. Some exceptions may be found, such as insulators dug from the Hemingray dump, or North American insulators found in service outside North America.

In some instances the information posted may appear quite generalized and incomplete, yet in other cases very detailed. This is based on how the information was submitted or obtained from each individual source. Insulator base type is provided when available, e.g., sdp (sharp drip points), rdp (round drip points), sb (smooth base), etc. Lack of these details usually implies the most commonly occurring base type. You may also note that some generally known data is currently absent from the list. If you can provide any missing or additional information, please submit it. The success of this project is based on your participation and contributions. Additions and updates are continuously ongoing.

Recognition: Much gratitude is bestowed to all the collectors and linemen that have shared and continue to share this treasured information with our hobby.  I also want to thank the many insulator book authors, magazine article writers, magazine editors, website webmasters and auctioneers that have provided and continue to provide valuable historical information that has been beneficial to this project.

Submission Requirements: I am continuously accepting new data for uncommon insulators. My basic request is that you please provide the CD number, general embossing (if any), color and location of usage. Detailed embossing is not required (unless it is a rare noteworthy variant). Color should be somewhat specific. Location can be general or detailed. Any and all information, complete or incomplete, is encouraged for submission.  

Please email your submissions to: Dwayne Anthony

Last updated: Saturday, December 11, 2021; Total items: 1,342

33nnAquaHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
100.2SurgeClearOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN; Flea market in TN
100.5PyrexClearCentral CA; Dinosaur Point Road at San Luis Reservoir west of Los Banos, CA; TN
100.6nnOff clear; Blue tintHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
101BrookfieldAqua; Dark aquaHouse drops Colorado Springs, CO
101BrookfieldDark yellow amberTolland State Forest, Tolland, MA
102BGM CoPurpleMissoula-Butte-Helena-Bozeman area, MT; Near Glasgow, KY; TN
102BrookfieldAmberRathdrum, ID; AK
102Brookfield (crown)Dark tealish aquaPomeroy, WA
102CaliforniaBlue aquaNorth of Prosser, WA; Near Moscow, ID
102CGIDark aquaNear Dixon, CA
102CGIVarious colorsWhittier, CA; Between Knight's Landing and Woodland, CA; San Diego, CA
102CGIYellowIndoor usage, Bellingham, WA; Mine in Northern ID; Off house in San Diego, CA
102diamondChartreuseSaskatchewan, Canada
102diamondCobalt blueSouthern Quebec, Canada
102diamondMustardSouthern Saskatchewan, Canada
102diamondTeal blue; Dark teal blue; Light teal blue; Dark teal green; Light teal green; Dark green/teal blue two-tone; Dark mustard; Cornflower blueSaskatchewan, Canada
102diamond (tiny drips)Dark amberSoutheastern Ontario, Canada
102HGWLight greenHouston, TX
102N.E.G.M.AquaMcClure, OH; Spokane, WA
102N.E.G.M.Blue aquaNear Okanogan, WA
102N.E.G.M.Darker aquaSpokane. WA
102N.E.G.M.GreenPortland, ME; Sumpter Valley line, OR
102N.E.G.M.Yellow greenPortland, ME
102N.W.B.I.T.PurpleBritish Columbia, Canada; Toronto & east, Canada
102nn (Pennycuick)AquaColorado Springs, CO
102nn (Pennycuick)Bubbly aquaFairhaven, WA
102nn (Pennycuick)Dark aqua1902-1903 military telegraph line between Valdez and Nome, AK
102nn (reverse 2 on dome)Near clear w/purple tint; Sage greenNova Scotia, Canada
102nn (reverse 2 on dome)PurpleBritish Columbia, Canada; Eastern Ontario, Canada
102nn (reverse 2 on dome)Royal purpleNew Brunswick, Canada
102nn Canada (vert. bar)Royal purpleWiscasset, Waterville and Farmington RR, Wiscasset, ME
102nn Canada MLOD/MLOB/RBAquaNear Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
102nn Canada MLOD/MLOB/RBGreen AquaNear Lindsay & Norwood, Ontario, Canada
102Pat (on crown--Brookfield product)Light blue aquaLouisville, KY
102So Mass Tel CoAquaSoutheastern MA; Brockton, MA
102So Mass Tel CoClearCape Cod,  MA
102star (concave skirt)GreenWalker River Canyon, CA
102star (wdp)AquaNear Bend & Burns, OR; Arlington, WA; Central IL; MO
102WestinghouseAquaAntique shop, Winamac, IN
102WestinghousePeacock blueIN
102.3nn (both dot & bar)Light aquaComanche, TX
102.4New Eng Tel & Tel CoAqua; Light greenLyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH
103BAqua; Snowy aqua; Aqua w/amber swirls; Yellow greenHouse service drops, Rockford, IL
103GaynerAquaOcean City, NJ
104New Eng Tel & Tel CoPurpleNH
104nn (Pennycuick)Light aqua; Blue aquaCentral of Georgia Railway, Macon to Savanna, GA
104nn (Pennycuick)Light purpleFound in dump, PA
104nn (Pennycuick)TealErie, PA
104nn (Pennycuick)Yellow green; Dark greenPA
104Wm. Brookfield (arch) New YorkYellow greenGeorgia Central RR, between Macon and Fort Valley, GA
105nnAqua; Blue aquaNova Scotia, Canada; Southeast IA
105nn (dot variant)Blue aquaCentral Georgia RR between Macon & Albany, GA
105nn (line variant)Blue aquaCentral Georgia RR between Macon & Albany, GA
105nn (variants not specified)Blue aqua; AquaBeatrice area, Gage County, NE; IA; MN; CO; NY
106BirminghamClearFarm line north of New Castle, WY
106HemingrayMilky aquaHighway D south Kansas City to Drexel, MO
106Hemingray 9PurpleOH; MT
106Hemingray 9Purple/gray; Gray; Sage/grayMT
106Hemingray 9 (large head)PurpleComanche, TX
106Hemingray No 9 (backwards 9 in 1893)Aqua; Light greenMI
106Hemingray No 9 Patented 1893Bubbly aquaSC
106Hemingray No 9 Patented 1893Christmas Tree green; Dark yellow greenSouthwest of Nevada, MO
106Hemingray No 9 Patented 1893Ice greenSt Louis, MO
106Hemingray [110]7-up greenNear Dodgeville, IL
106McLaughlinEmerald green; 7up greenCasa de Fruita, CA
106nn with monogram (Mexico)Depression Glass greenNorth of Monterey, Mexico
106OVGAquaPittsburgh and West Virginia RR, PA; AL; MS; Clifton, IL
106WGM CoPurpleNear Lamartine Mine, Idaho Springs, CO
106.1DuquesneCornflower blueCorry, PA to Clymer NY; SC
106.5TexcocoGreenObtained from glass factory in Texcoco, Mexico
107PSSACitrineObtained from hardware store in Mexico City, Mexico
108DominionDelft blueSaskatchewan, Ontario, SW Manitoba, Canada
108Whitall TatumPurple; Light purpleCentral WA
109ChicagoAquaWestern PA; Galena, IL; Eastern NY
109.5HarloeAquaIA; PA; ME; NJ; MI
109.7Johnson & WatsonAquaThought to have come from northeastern OH
109.9Pat App ForLight greenFound in barn in Northern CA
110BrookfieldAquaSouthern NY; FL; Brookfield dump Old Bridge, NJ; PA
110.5NationalAquaSouthern NY; NJ; Saskatchewan, Canada; Windsor Locks Canal, CT; Middletown, CT; Northeastern OH; MD
110.5New Eng Tel (arc emb)AquaNear Estevan & Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada; Middletown, CT
110.6NationalAquaNJ; Dover, NH
112CaliforniaAqua; BlueWA
112CaliforniaPurpleTaft, Maricopa, Whittier, CA
112HawleyAquaHighway D south Kansas City to Drexel, MO
112S.B.T. & T. Co.Aqua; Light aquaGA; MS; FL
112S.B.T. & T. Co.Bubbly aquaFairfield, OH
112.4Hemingray No 8Golden amberLincoln, NE
112.4Hemingray No 8 (large mold)Blue aquaTangent, OR
112.4Hemingray No 8 (large mold)Off-clearDufur, OR
112.4Hemingray No 8 (small mold)Light blue aquaNear Medical Lake, WA
112.4Hemingray No 8 (small mold)Off-clear; Blue aquaAT&T main, west of Spokane, WA to Mullan, ID
112.4nnDark olive greenSaskatchewan, Canada
113HemingrayJade greenHighway D south Kansas City to Drexel, MO
113Hemingray 12PurpleOH
113nn (dots "braille")PurpleBritish Columbia & Alberta, Canada
113.2DuquesneBlueEastern OH; Western PA
114.2StandardAqua7 found in antique shop, ME; 1 found in antique shop, Cottonwood, AZ
115MaydwellStrawNear Glacier Nat Park, MT
115Whitall TatumClear w/copper topReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
115.2HemingrayAquaDenver, CO
116.5BAqua; Blue; Light green; Apple greenLA
117&Olive greenNJ
118nn (with copper skirt)CarnivalNorthern NJ
119BrookfieldAquaUruguay, South America; Pennsboro, PA
119BrookfieldDark aquaOntario, Canada
120CEWAquaSanta Cruz Island, CA; Yosemite, CA; Farmer lines south and west of Esparto, CA; HI
120CEWMustardChico, CA
120CEWOlive greenHI
120CEWPurpleSanta Cruz Island, CA; Near Yosemite National Park, CA; HI
120nnMidnight blueNorthwestern OH
120nn (CEW)AquaCA
120nn (CEW)PurpleNear La Porte, CA
120nn (CEW)Straw; Purple tintBasement of Mission Inn Riverside & Oroville, CA
120nn (double threaded)AquaSouthern Ontario, Canada
120nn (double threaded)Cobalt blueHamilton, Ontario, Canada
120nn (Wormser)LavenderNorth of Madison, WI
120Pat Dec 19 1871Lt cornflower blueID
120Pat Dec 19 1871Off clearEastern NM
120Pat Dec 19 1871PurpleFL
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (crown)Grey scaMullan, ID
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (crown)Light greenLoiusville, KY
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (crown)PurpleAlma, CO; MS
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (skirt)Light greenLoiusville, KY
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (skirt)PurpleCentral CA
120Pat Dec 19 1871 (skirt)YellowIL
120PonyBrooke's blueNear DeSoto, KS
120PonyGreenNE; IA
120PonyJade blue milkAntique shop in Atchison, KS
120RD 156417Milky jade aquadug from dump in Belleville, Ontario, Canada
120Unemb Canada double threadAquaCampbellford, Ontario, Canada
120Unemb Canada double threadBlue aquaPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
121Am Tel & Tel CoHeavy amber swirlsColusa County & Central CA
121Am Tel & Tel CoJadePost Falls to McGuire, ID; TN
121Am Tel & Tel CoLight purpleCT
121Am Tel & Tel CoPurpleBetween Lamar & La Junta, CO; Between Winters & Davis, CA
121Am Tel Tel Co [090]GreenWestern NY
121Am Tel Tel Co [095]PurpleHangmans Gulch, Castle Rock, CO near UPRR (Former D&RGW)
121Brookfield (sb)Aqua with amber swirlsSPRR south of Madera, CA
121C&P Tel CoAquaNear Troy, ID
121C&P Tel CoLight aquaNear Bovill, ID
121CaliforniaPurpleTaft, Maricopa, CA
121CD&P Tel CoAquaRS&E RR, Perinton, NY; Pittsburg, PA
121CD&P Tel CoLight aquaJackson County, AL; Southern RR, Huntsville, AL
121Hawley [010]Snowy aquaPhone lines in Darien Center, NY
121Hemingray Patented 1893 sdpGreenPA
121Hemingray sdpOliveNear Oklahoma City, OK
121Maydwell 16WStrawButtonwillow, CA
121New Eng Tel & TelAquaCT; MA; ME; NH; VT; RI
121New Eng Tel & TelGreen; Green w/amber swirlsSouthern VT
121nn (four ribs)Light aquaHwy 49 Angels Camp, CA
121nn (raised dot)AquaWalla Walla/Waitsburg, Dayton/Pomeroy, WA
121Patent 1899 (pleated skirt)AquaNorthern & Central CA; KS; MO; MA; OR; West TX; AR
121Patent 1899 (pleated skirt)Aqua w/light amber swirlsSouth of Kansas City / Warrensburg, MO
121R. GoodGreen swirledDurango to Silverton, CO
121R. GoodPurpleDenver to El Paso toll line south of Walsenburg, CO
121R. GoodYellow olive greenBetween Lamar and La Junta, CO
121U.S. TelOlive greenBellevue & Norwalk area of Northwestern OH
121WFG CoBlue lavenderCheyenne-Salt Lake toll line near Rock Springs, WY
121WFG CoClearMo Pac RR near Eads east of Pueblo, CO
121WFG CoCornflower blueParallel I-76 next to BNSF RR south of Hudson, CO
121WFG CoDark blue lavenderMo Pac RR east of Eads, CO
121WFG CoDark greenDenver and El Paso toll line near Trinidad, CO
121WFG CoDark lavenderEastern WY
121WGMPurple; Royal purpleBetween Lamar and La Junta, CO; NM
121.4Patent Dec 19 1871AquaKY
122Hemingray 16Light opalescentMN
122McLaughlinIce green; Light grass green; Emerald greenPossibly (unconfirmed) used near Premont, TX
122McLaughlinLight green w/citrine swirls; CitrineMendocino, Lake, Alturas, Colusa & Placer Counties, CA
123EC&M CoApple greenTruckee to Sierraville, CA
123EC&M CoAquaSouthern AZ; Yolo County, CA; Austin to Battle Mtn & Aurora to Candelaria, NV; Between Montello, NV & Lucin, UT; Eastern WA
123EC&M CoAqua (flared skirt F mold)San Francisco to Trinidad, CA
123EC&M CoAqua w/fizzy bubblesGold Lake, CA; Maui, HI
123EC&M CoAqua w/heavy amber swirlsRidge Telephone Line, CA
123EC&M CoArizona blue w/violet swirlsSan Francisco, CA
123EC&M CoAurora blue; Olive greenAurora to Candelaria, NV
123EC&M CoBlue (Arizona blue)Southern AZ; Central AZ RR along San Pedro River, AZ
123EC&M CoChartreuseVirginia City, NV
123EC&M CoCobalt blueSanta Clara, CA; CPRR over the Sierra Nevadas, CA; Collins line, British Columbia, Canada; Near Holbrook, AZ; Virginia City, NV; Ogden, UT
123EC&M CoEmerald greenSouthern AZ
123EC&M CoGreenPrescott area, AZ
123EC&M CoJade moss greenNear Eureka, CA
123EC&M CoLight cobalt blueOakland, CA
123EC&M CoLight ink blueYolo County, CA
123EC&M CoMilky aquaYreka, CA
123EC&M CoOlive amberNCRR Austin to Battle Mtn & Nevada California Telegraph Co Aurora to Candelaria, NV
123EC&M CoOlive amber blackglassAurora to Candelaria, NV
123EC&M CoPurple (specimen--dome only)SPCRR Santa Cruz mountains, CA
123EC&M CoSapphire blueSan Jose, CA
123EC&M CoYellow greenYreka & Sacramento, CA; Bird's Landing, CA
123EC&M Co (A mold)Blue aquaMendocino Co., CA
123EC&M Co (A mold)Teal greenFerndale, CA
123EC&M Co (D mold)Yellow greenNV
123EC&M Co (upside-down)GreenBritish Columbia, Canada; CA
123.2Chester NYAquaUpstate NY; One in mixed box auction in Malone, NY
124Hemingray No 4Green w/amber swirlsIA; NE
124.1Pat Dec 19 1871AquaGregory Gulch, CO; Bowling Green, OH; Louisville, KY
124.1Pat Dec 19 1871Light purpleSeneca, KS; Dayton, KY
124.1Pat Dec 19 1871Sage greenCentral Georgia Railway between Fort Valley, GA and Albany, GA.
124.2Pat Dec 19 1871Dark aqua; BlueCO
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871AquaCO
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871Cornflower blueCO; KS
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871Light green w/amber streaksRanch service line, Hay Springs, NE
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871OliveKS
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871 [010]Light greenLouisville, KY
124.3Pat Dec 19 1871 [040]Ice greenLouisville, KY
125Pat App ForBlueNPRR near Duluth, MN
125WU 5ClearNear Flagstaff, AZ
125WU 5PurpleHanna, WY; Mexico; Line from Ada to Roff, OK
125WU 5Purple/sage two-toneWY; Line from Ada, OK to Roff , OK
125WU 5Yellow oliveSD; Northeastern WY; KS
125WU 5 [020]AquaAlong UP/BNSF joint line, south of Sedalia, CO
126Brookfield (crown)Lime greenFL; Old Southern mainline between Lynchburg & Apple, VA
126Brookfield (crown)Olive amberMassachusetts Central Railroad; Western Canada
126Brookfield (crown)PurpleCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; UT; Near Ft Apache, AZ; Bottle digger, SC
126Brookfield (crown)Yellow greenCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA; D&H RR, NY; Erie RR near Forrestville, NY; Banff, Alberta, Canada; NM; NYNH&H RR, between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA
126Brookfield (crown)Yellow oliveCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA; Banff, Alberta, Canada; Ft Apache/Ft Thomas area, AZ
126Brookfield (crown) 55 Fulton StGreen; Yellow green; Olive green; Amber swirled aquaWindsor Locks Canal, CT
126nn (Canadian MLOD)AquaNew Brunswick, Canada
126nn (Canadian MLOD)Blue aquaNew Brunswick & Nova Scotia, Canada
126nn (Canadian MLOD)GreenNova Scotia, Canada
126nn (Canadian MLOD)Light greenOverland Telegraph, Nova Scotia, Canada
126nn (Pennycuick)AquaJay Cook Park, St. Louis River, MN
126RD 149959Green aqua: Milky green aquaWest Central NY; NV
126RD 149959Jade green milkCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Macon, GA
126.1Brookfield (crown)AquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA
126.3Brookfield (crown)AquaUPRR, MI
126.3Brookfield (crown)Blue grayGA
126.3nnLight aquaColorado Springs, CO; RR grade between Promontory & Lucin, UT
126.3nn (111 on dome)AquaMA
126.4WE Mfg CoAquaToledo Ann Arbor RR, south of Milan, MI; SFRR Attica to Coldwater, KS
126.4WE Mfg CoCornflower blueSFRR Attica to Coldwater, KS
126.4WE Mfg Co Pat Dec 19, 1871Milky dark aquaRR yards west of Coors Field Denver, CO
127BrookfieldLight greenPere Marquette RR New Buffalo, MI
127Brookfield CauvetAquaErie RR near Attica, NY; Memphis Branch of L&NRR in Logan Co., KY; Avon, CT
127H. BrooksAquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA
127LAC/WU PatternAquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; MI; PA; NY Central, Derby, NY
127nn (W1 on dome)Dark greenRailroad line between Winchester and Staunton, VA
127nn (W1 on dome)Yellow greenPA
127WUPCobalt blueOK; PA
127.4nnAquaWestern PA
127.4nnPurpleVermillion, IL
127.4Pat Dec 19 1871PurpleNear Zanesville, OH
128Hemingray CSAClear (experimental w/four indentions on base)L&N between Flomaton and Brewton, AL
128Hemingray CSAYellowRR between Beaumont & Houston, TX
128Hemingray E14 BMilkglassOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
128Hemingray E14 BOpalescentFlorida East Coast Railway and spurs from Jacksonville to Ft Pierce, FL; Offsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN; One found on pole in north GA
128.4HemingrayClearKingman, Ford & Stafford Co., KS; SPRR Donner Pass, CA
130Cal Elec WorksAmber swirled aquaVacaville, CA
130Cal Elec WorksAquaMexico; Dixon, Truckee to Sierraville & Bodie to Green Creek, CA; WA; Ogden, UT
130Cal Elec WorksGreenMexico; Green Creek, CA
130.1Cal Elec WorksAquaNear Bodie, CA; British Columbia, Canada
130.1Cal Elec WorksCobalt blueRidge Telephone Line, CA; British Columbia, Canada; HI; San Francisco, Ca; Mojave Desert, CA
130.2SeilersAquaSacramento, San Francisco & San Jose, CA; Near Nevada City, CA
131nnAquaSPCRR Santa Cruz mountains, CA
131TillotsonAquaPA; Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY
131.4LGT & CoAquaUPRR, WY; NE
131.4nnDark aquaPere Marquette RR Harbert, MI
131.4nnLight greenOld UPRR, between Cheyenne and Laramie, WY
131.4Pat Dec 19 1871AquaFire alarm circuit, St Louis, MO
131.4Pat Dec 19 1871Light aquaBetween Lamar and La Junta, CO
131.8nnAquaAntique shop in Russellville, KY; PA
131.8nnGreen; Milky aquaPA
131.8nnLight purpleEast Brunswick, NJ
132Pat Dec 19 1871AquaBellingham, WA; Southern NM; NY; NH; HRR Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA; Louisville, KY; B&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA; Wheeling, WV
132Pat Dec 19 1871Dark aquaNY; NH; HRR Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA; B&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA; UPRR, western WY
132Pat Dec 19 1871Fizzy light aquaWV
132Pat Dec 19 1871Gray blue; SmokeDenver, CO
132Pat Dec 19 1871GreenBellingham, WA; B&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA
132Pat Dec 19 1871Green aquaDenver, CO
132Pat Dec 19 1871Light aquaB&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA; UPRR, MI
132Pat Dec 19 1871Light greenBellingham, WA; NY; NH; HRR Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA; Denver, CO
132Pat Dec 19 1871Light purple; SilverNear Ft Collins, CO
132Pat Dec 19 1871Lime greenNYNH&H RR, between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA
132Pat Dec 19 1871Milky teal greenColorado Central RR north of Ft Collins, CO
132Pat Dec 19 1871PurpleNear Route 268, St Petersburg, PA
132Pat Dec 19 1871 (one line)Light PurpleAntique Co-op, Lancaster County, PA
132Pat Dec 19 1871 (one line)Lime greenB&O RR, WV
132Pat Dec 19 1872Dark emerald greenUPRR, western WY
132Pat'd (base)Blue aquaChicago and Great Western RR, Wasco, IL
132.2nnAquaLincoln highway telegraph/telephone central PA
132.2nnCobalt blue; Sapphire; Yellow green; Olive green; GreenPA
132.4Pat Dec 19 1871AquaCenterville, OH
133BGM CoPurplePA
133Brookfield (crown)Aqua w/milky swirls; Aqua w/heavy snowPA
133Brookfield (crown)PurpleME; Saltillo, Mexico
133Brookfield (crown) [100]PurpleWinsted, CT
133Brookfield (crown) [340]Milky aquaNYCRR La Porte, IN
133Brookfield (crown-1865)BlueDenver, CO
133Brookfield (skirt)Dark oliveB&O RR north of Pittsburgh, PA; B&O RR, WV
133Brookfield Cauvet's Pat 1865 (crown)Lime greenOld Southern mainline between Lynchburg & Apple, VA
133Brookfield Cliff St (crown)Light yellow greenC&O RR, WV
133Brookfield Cliff St (crown)Yellow greenCentral City, CO
133Brookfield Cliff St (crown) [070]GreenMaine Central in Canada
133Brookfield ER Cauvet's Pat 1865 (crown)Light aquaErie RR near Tip Top, NY
133CaliforniaPurpleTaft, Maricopa, CA
133City Fire AlarmAquaFall River, MA
133ER (Pennycuick)AquaATSF RR Martinez & Wiemar, CA
133ER (Pennycuick)Snowy fizzy aquaErie RR near Tip Top, NY
133HG Co No 7 StandardOrange amberLincoln, NE
133HG Co Standard (sdp)Lime green; Milky lime greenSanta Fe RR between Madera and Merced, CA
133nnEmerald greenWestern OH
133nn (Pennycuick)AquaNear Ft Apache, AZ
133Pat Dec 19 1871Light aqua w/milkAbandoned RR in Delaware County, Pa
133Pat Dec 19 1871Light purpleOne dug in Leadville, CO
133Pat Dec 19 1871PurpleDenver South Park and Pacific RR over Kenosha Pass, CO
133Pat Dec 19 1871Silver graySouth Park, CO
133RD 154745Green aquaNear Mystic, CT
133.1Brooke'sBrooke's blueScattered on UPRR from Irwindale to San Dimas, CA
133.1Pat App ForBlueScattered on UPRR from Irwindale to San Dimas, CA
133.1Pat App ForYellow emerald greenFlea market, York County, PA
133.1Pat Dec 19 1871Light lime greenColorado Springs, CO
133.2BFG CoBlue aquaPA
133.2LAC/P&WAquaMontgomery Co., PA; Illinois Central RR, central MS; Grand Rapids & Indiana RR, between Fort Wayne and Kendallville, IN; North of Wausau, WI
133.4nnCobalt blueSouthwestern PA
133.4nnPurpleGreene & Fayette Co., PA; B&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA; Terra Alta, WV; SD; UT; OH
133.4Pat Dec 19 1871Dark greenNear St. Louis, MO
133.4Pat Dec 19 1871Fizzy aquaPRR, Ennerdale, NY
133.4Pat Dec 19 1871Light greenLouisville, KY
133.4Pat Dec 19 1871Sapphire blue; Light sapphire blue; Cornflower blueDug by bottle digger near Port Huron, MI
133.4Pat'd (base)Blue aqua; Aqua; Green aqua w/amber swirlsChicago and Great Western RR, Wasco, IL
133.4Pat'd (base)GreenPA
134AmericanYellow olive greenNY; Colorado Springs, CO
134BGM CoPurpleMA
134CaliforniaBlue aqua; AquaWest Valley main SPRR Woodland to Red Bluff, CA (including 10-15 found near Aromas, CA; 2 found north of Woodland, CA; 1 found in Arbuckle, CA)
134CELAquaLos Angeles, CA; Vicinity of Boston, MA
134Diamond PAll colorsSouthern MA
134Diamond PAquaBuckland, MA
134Diamond PGreenShelburne, MA
134GE CoAquaColorado Springs, CO; Portland, ME
134GoodAquaDenver & Cripple Creek, CO
134KCGW FairmountGreen aquaDenver, CO
134nn (Lyndeborough style)AquaMoPac RR near Galatea, CO
134nn (Oakman)AmberLyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH
134nn (Oakman)AquaLyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH
134nn (Oakman)GreenCT
134nn (Oakman)Orange amberMA
134nn (Pennycuick)Blue aqua; Green aquaFire alarm circuit, St Louis, MO
134nn (Pennycuick)GreenBoston, MA
134nn (Pennycuick)Teal greenFire alarm circuit, Milford, MA
134Pat Dec 19 1871Depression greenKS
134Pat Dec 19 1871Lime greenSt Louis, MO
134Pat Dec 19 1871Olive greenSouthern CO; IN
134Pat Dec 19 1871Orange amberKansas City, MO
134Pat Dec 19 1871Peacock blueWestern MO/Eastern KS
134Pat Dec 19 1871/Patent 1893Orange amberKansas City, MO
134Pat'd Sept 13 '81Light purpleAntique shop central MA
134Pettingell AndrewsAquaOttawa, IL; Fire alarm circuit, St Louis, MO; Vicinity of Boston , MA
134Pettingell AndrewsBlueRoseville, CA; Vicinity of Boston, MA
134Police SignalAquaFall River, MA
134T-HE CoAmberHartford, CT; Abington, Whitman & Rockland, MA
134T-HE CoAquaCape Cod, MA
134WGM CoPurpleDenver, CO
134.4nnAquaFire alarm circuit, Milford, MA
134.4nnBlueEast of Dover, GA
134.4nnYellow; Light amber; Off greenNantucket Island, MA
134.6BrookfieldAquaPhiladelphia Naval Shipyard, PA
135ChicagoAqua; BlueMN; NY; OK; GA; IL; NE; CO; CA; WY; Mexico; Panama; Portland, OR; Muncie, IN; NYCRR from Cornwall, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
135.5ERWBlue aquaERW of western NY; Canaseraga, NY; PA
136B&O Pat 1870AquaB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA; NYNH&H RR between New Haven and Hartford, CT
136B&O Pat 1870Blue aquaSanta Fe RR Northeast of Dallas between Celeste, Wolfe City, Ladonia, and Pecan Gap, TX
136B&O Pat Dec 19 1871Light greenTX
136Brookfield/B&OApple greenSFRR, McGregor, TX
136Brookfield/B&OAquaSFRR between McGregor and Temple, TX; B&O RR, WV; SPRR north of Woodland, CA
136Brookfield/B&OLight greenTX
136.4nnAquaNY; PA; OH; Hartford, CT; Nova Scotia, Canada
136.4nnBlueNorthern Ontario, Canada
136.4nnBlue aquaNova Scotia, Canada
136.4nnOlive greenNear Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; A&GWR OH & PA
136.4nnYellow greenPA
136.5Boston Bottle WorksLime greenSan Francisco, CA
136.7Pat 1872AquaEastern MA; Ithaca, NY; Between Ft Bennett & Ft Meade, SD
136.7Pat 1872GreenMO
138BrookfieldAquaBNSF east of Flagstaff, AZ
138BrookfieldClearChambersburg, PA
138BrookfieldLight aquaNYCRR La Porte, IN
138.2Lawrence GrayBlue grayDanvers & Salem, MA
138.2NationalAquaFire alarm circuit, Milford, MA
138.9Pat App ForLight aquaNear Cheboygan, MI
139Combination SafetyAquaOn building in southeastern MA
139Combination SafetyAquaYard sale near Hillsdale, MI (covered with layers of paint, likely off a building or house)
139Combination SaftyAquaPA
139.9McLaughlin USLDAqua; Green aquaSouthern CA
140JumboAquaBoston, MA
140Jumbo (Brookfield product)Dark aquaChicago, IL
140nnAll colorsMTBA Boston, MA
140nnPurple; Olive greenLynn, MA
140Oakman JumboAquaCincinnati, OH; Louisville to LaGrange, KY; Boston, MA
140Oakman JumboLight aquaChicago, IL
140.5nnCobalt blueSeveral originated from farm in Merced County, reportedly from square poles obtained along RR from Athlone to Lingard, CA
141nnAquaDonner Pass, CA; Between Knight's Landing & Woodland, CA; Stampede Pass, WA
141nnAqua w/amberStampede Pass, WA
141.5nnAquaDump in Lake Erie, OH
141.6Pat'd Aug 29-93 (Blackburn)Light aquaNJ
141.7TwiggsClearOne from flea market in Amherst, OH; Twelve acquired from retired antique shop dealer in north central OH
141.8BuzbyAqua; Light aquaBinghamton, NY
141.9Emminger'sLight aquaPA
142Hemingray TS-2CarnivalVentura Co., CA; Northern NJ; Portland, OR
142.4TS 3CarnivalNorthern NJ; Galveston, TX
143Can PacGray w/heavy milk swirlsSaskatchewan, Canada
143Can PacMilky aqua; Milky jade aquaNorthern Ontario, Canada
143Can Pac (Withycombe)AquaToronto, Ontario, Canada
143CNRPurple; Dark purple; Violet blueSaskatchewan, Canada
143DwightAquaCNR, ME; Manitoba, Canada; Just north of New London and Norwich, CT
143DwightLight purpleSt-Majorique & St Raymond de Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
143DwightPurpleEastern Ontario, Canada
143GNRPurple; Purple two-tone; Gray; Steel blueSaskatchewan, Canada
143GNWLight purplePeterborough area, Ontario, Canada
143MontrealBluePeterborough, Ontario, Canada
143MontrealGreenMadoc, Ontario, Canada
143Montreal (grooved base)AquaBainsville area west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
143nn (double threads)BlueEastern Ontario, Canada
143nn (double threads)Blue aquaNorthern Ontario, Canada
143nn (double threads)yellow greenManitoba, Canada
143nn (double threads)Yellow mustardCPR eastern Manitoba, Canada
143nn (horizontal ridges)Gray purpleToronto, Ontario, Canada
143nn (horizontal ridges)PurpleNear London, Ontario, Canada
143nn (MLOD/MLOB)Olive greenNorthern Ontario, Canada
143nn (tall boy double threads)Aqua; Blue; Blue grayHamilton to Barrie, Ontario, Canada
143nn (tall)Purple; Royal purple; AquaCPR & Overland Telegraph, Nova Scotia, Canada
143nn (Unemb. Montreal)BlueNorthern Ontario, Canada
143nn (vertical ridges)Aqua; Green aquaC.P.R. west of Montreal, Canada
143nn (vertical ridges)Blue aquaNear Ft. McCloud, Alberta, Canada
143nn (whittle mold)All listed colorsToronto to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
143.4AmericanAquaLyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH
143.4Brookfield (83 Fulton)AquaShop in East Greenbush, NY
143.4Brookfield (crown)AquaBetween Philadelphia and NY; Boston to Northampton, MA
143.5T-HE CoAquaSpringfield/Hartford, CT; NH; GA
143.6Boston Bottle WorksAquaNY; NJ; Canals in Holyoke, MA; Banks of Connecticut River, Springfield, MA
144nn (Foree Bain)AquaRR from Denver to Littleton to Castle Rock, CO
144Patent (Foree Bain)AquaRR from Denver to Littleton to Castle Rock, CO
144Patent (Foree Bain)Light green21st Ave and W. Niagara, Duluth, MN; Along UP/BNSF joint line, south of Sedalia, CO
144.5?AquaMA; Pittsburgh, PA
145AmericanAquaLyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH; One found on pole in Campbell, CA
145AmericanBlueMT; Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR, PA; New Britain, CT; L&NRR between Bowling Green and Elizabethtown, KY; NPRR, WA; Lyndeboro Glass Works dump, NH
145AmericanGreen; Yellow greenPocono Mtns., PA; NY; Mexico
145AmericanLight aquaLouisville, KY; L&NRR between Bowling Green and Elizabethtown, KY; Reading RR central PA
145AmericanLight yellow greenOntario, Canada
145AmericanYellow olive greenCatskill, NY; SC; one found in garden bed, Bristol, CT
145American (2 date)GreenErie RR, PA
145BAmber swirledB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA
145BDark greenFL; From Evansville, IL through Posey County, IN
145BEmerald greenSanta Fe RR between Madera and Merced & SPRR transcontinental route in Solano and Yolo counties, CA; B&ORR east & west of Pittsburgh, PA; L&NRR, KY; NPRR, WA
145BLight purpleB&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA; SPRR Sacramento to Elk Grove, CA; Canton, CT
145BTiger striped olive amberNear London, Ontario, Canada; Dickson, TN
145BYellow greenB&ORR north & east of Pittsburgh, PA; B&LERR, PA; L&NRR, KY; Erie RR near Ossian, IN
145B (rb)Green; Dark green; Olive green; Olive amberB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA
145B (sdp)AquaL&NRR near Madisonville, KY
145BGM CoLavenderHarford County, MD
145BGM CoPurpleNJ; PA
145Brookfield (crown)Apple greenL&NRR Munfordsville, KY
145Brookfield (crown)Aqua w/heavy snowErie RR, Olean NY
145Brookfield (crown)Light blue w/amberMonroe County, WI
145Brookfield (crown)Light chartreuse/aqua two-tone; Light chartreuse; Medium green; Medium olive greenSPRR West Valley main from Davis to Red Bluff, CA
145Brookfield (crown)Light greenSPRR from San Francisco to San Jose, CA; B&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA
145Brookfield (crown)Milky aquaPeabody, KS
145Brookfield (crown)PurpleCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; Near Price, UT; Northern Pacific into Duluth, MN; VA
145Brookfield (crown)Sapphire blueNear Erie, PA
145Brookfield (crown)Yellow greenCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; Nova Scotia, Canada; Ulster & Delaware RR, Delaware County, NY; Warsaw, IN
145Brookfield (Postal style)Olive greenC&O RR, WV
145Brookfield (Postal style)Yellow greenC&O RR, WV; ICRR Princeton, KY
145Brookfield New YorkTeal greenDL&W RR, Lackawanna, NY
145CaliforniaDark smokeSPRR from Wiemar to Colfax, CA
145CaliforniaPurpleShafter, CA; Intermittently along Postal Tel trunk line from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA
145CaliforniaSage green; SmokeDonner Pass CA; Desert east of Reno, NV
145EDRAquaNear Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
145GNW Tel Co blotted outOlive tintCPR west of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
145GNW Tel Co blotted outYellowCPR line, Ashcroft to Savona, B.C., Canada
145GTPLight purple; Steel greyDelacour, Alberta, Canada
145GTP BDark aquaCSX between Athens, AL and Franklin, TN
145GTP Tel CoLight purpleCNR line, Saskatchewan, Canada
145H.G. CoGreenHawking Valley RW, Delaware, OH
145H.G. CoJade green milkElgin, IL; C&NW RR near Nelson, IL; UPRR Denver to Cheyenne, WY; UPRR through Ashton IL & Rochelle from Chicago to Iowa and beyond; NYCRR La Porte, IN; Pittsburgh and West Virginia RR, PA; UPRR, Eastern WA
145H.G. CoMilky aquaCottage Grove & Lake Elmo, MN
145H.G. Co. PetticoatApple greenC&O RR, WV
145H.G. Co. PetticoatAqua w/heavy milk swirlsUPRR, Eastern WA
145H.G. Co. PetticoatDepression greenUT; WA; Oregon Short Line, Kings Ferry, ID; CO; IA
145H.G. Co. PetticoatGolden amberGreat Northern Railway from Eastern WA thru Northern ID; MT
145H.G. Co. PetticoatGreenKS
145H.G. Co. PetticoatJade blue milkSouthern WY; Northeast IA; B&O RR Cincinnati, OH; Northeast WI
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLavenderMissouri Pacific line south of Kansas City, MO 
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLight blue steelRock Island RR, Western IA; MoPac line west of Osawatomie, KS
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLight blue w/milk swirlingCottage Grove, MN
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLight blue w/strong milk swirlingLake Elmo, MN
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLight purpleB & O line through Columbus Grove, OH; Houston & Texas Central Railway near Van Alstyne, TX; Grand Rapids, MI; ICRR Chebanse, IL
145H.G. Co. PetticoatLime greenMissouri Pacific line south of Kansas City, MO
145H.G. Co. PetticoatOff clearC&O RR, WV
145H.G. Co. PetticoatOrange amberGreat Northern Railway from Eastern WA thru Northern ID; MT
145H.G. Co. PetticoatPea soup greenNYCRR Erie, PA
145H.G. Co. PetticoatPurple (narrow skirt)Canada
145H.G. Co. PetticoatSapphire blueWestern Ohio
145H.G. Co. PetticoatSky blueRock Island line, IA; UPRR, MI
145H.G. Co. PetticoatSky blue with thick milk swirlsMN
145H.G. Co. PetticoatSteel blueMissouri Pacific line south of Kansas City, MO; UPRR, MI; PRR Indianapolis, IN
145H.G. Co. PetticoatTealUPRR, Eastern WA
145H.G. Co. PetticoatTeal blueNear Pierceville and Osgood, KS
145H.G. Co. PetticoatTrue clearMissouri Pacific line south of Kansas City, MO
145H.G. Co. PetticoatVioletSouthern TX; Mexico
145H.G. Co. PetticoatWhite milkglassFlea market in Webster, FL
145H.G. Co. PetticoatYellow amberGreat Northern Railway from Eastern WA thru Northern ID; MT; Denver, CO; MO
145H.G. Co. PetticoatYellow greenMS
145H.G. Co. Petticoat [050]Fizzy lemonBetween Peabody & Florence, KS
145HBRAquaNear Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
145Hemingray 21Hemingray blueC&NW RR  near Arcadia, IL
145NEGMAquaToledo Ann Arbor RR, south of Milan, MI
145NEGMBlueDL&W RR, Depew, NY
145NEGMGreenButte & DeBorgia, MT
145NEGMSapphire blueChicago/Rock Island line east of Kansas City, MO; Roundup & DeBorgia, MT; Portsmouth, NH
145nn (American style)Blue aquaPocono Mtns., PA
145nn (Canadian style)Light green; Light green w/milk; Light lemonCNR line, Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada
145nn (Canadian style)YellowCPR line, Litton to Kamloops, B.C., Canada
145nn (Canadian style, GNW Tel Co blotout)StrawWinchester Sub, near Finch, Ontario, Canada
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Light aquaBNSF RR north of Pueblo, CO; Butte, Anaconda & Pacific RR, MT
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Light blue aquaLine between Manhattan, KS and Topeka, KS
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Off clearLine between Manhattan, KS and Topeka, KS; NM
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Silver grayButte, Anaconda & Pacific RR, MT
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Steel blueWilliams to Grand Canyon, AZ; Denver, CO; Near Holden, MO
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Steel blue tintWhithall, MT
145nn (Grand Canyon style)Steel blue/lavender two-tone; LavenderWilliams to Grand Canyon, AZ
145nn (Pennycuick)Aqua; Blue aquaB&O RR north of Pittsburgh, PA
145nn (Pennycuick)Bubbly aqua with snotSanta Fe RR at Ave. 15, Madera, CA
145nn bar (H on dome)Emerald green; Green w/amberCNW RR near Pecatonaca, IL
145nn bar (H on dome)Green w/amberCNW RR near Pecatonaca, IL; UPRR (former D&RGW) Castle Rock, CO
145nn bar (H on dome)Hemingray blueNYC RR between Sunset Bay & Irving, NY; B&O southern IN; UPRR (former D&RGW) Castle Rock, CO
145OVG CoAqua; CeleryNPRR, WA
145PostalDark smokeSPRR from Wiemar to Colfax, CA
145PostalPurpleNear Winslow & Williams to Grand Canyon, AZ ; Intermittently along Postal Tel trunk line from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA
145PostalSage green; SmokeDonner Pass CA; Desert east of Reno, NV
145PostalSmoky purpleUPRR, Eastern WA
145starEmerald green; Olive greenSouthwestern SD
145starGreen with amberHayden Lake, ID; NJ
145starYellow greenNPRR, Eastern WA
145star (pointed dome)BlueKS; ICRR, KY
145star (pointed dome)Deep yellow greenICRR, KY
145star (pointed dome)Light bluePRSL Newfield, NJ
145star (pointed dome)Lime green; GreenPRR, PA
145TCRGrayCNR, New Brunswick, Canada
145TCRLight aquaCNR line, Saskatchewan, Canada
145TCRLight purpleCNR, New Brunswick, Canada; CNR line, Saskatoon & near Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada
145WGMGrayAvon, Elliston & Race Track, MT
145WGMPurpleAvon, Elliston & Race Track, MT; BNSF RR north of Pueblo, CO; West of Arlington & east of Del Norte, CO
145.4Sept 13 81, Nov 13 (base rim)Aqua (specimen)Lyndeboro Glass Co dump Lyndeboro, NH
145.6BostonOlive green; AmberMI
146.4nnDark aquaPutnam Co., west of Findlay, OH
146.5nnLight Greennear Rockford, IL
147Pat Appld ForAquaErie, PA
147Patented (only)AquaB&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA; B&O RR, WV
147Patented 1907Dark greenB&LE RR, PA; NPRR, WA
147Patented 1907Emerald greenB&LE RR, PA
147Patented 1907Yellow greenNYC RR near Corfu, NY
149BrookfieldAquaGeorgia Central RR, GA
149BrookfieldLight aquaL&NRR Bonnieville, KY
149nnAquaGeorgia Central RR, GA; Central Maine Power in Portland ME; Hartford, CT
150BarclayAquaSt. Louis, MO
150BrookfieldAquaTyrone, PA
1517Green; Green aquaColorado Springs, CO
151barGreen; Green aquaColorado Springs, CO
151H.G. CoHeavy snowy aquaICRR, KY
151H.G. CoHemingray blueC&O RR, Augusta, KY
151H.G. CoHemingray blue w/milkOld Cadiz RR near Cadiz, KY
151H.G. CoIce blueRock Island R.R. east of Atlantic, IA
151H.G. CoMilky aquaEast of Terry, MT
151H.G. CoSnowy bubbly aquaNear Walnut Creek, CA
151H.G. CoSnowy light aquaATSF RR Martinez, CA; Toll lead between Woodland and Davis, CA
151H.G. CoYellow green w/amber swirlsS.E. Gettysburg, PA; UPRR, WA
151H.G. Co (sb)Cornflower blueIA
151H.G. Co (sb)Deep green; OliveYakima River going west from Pasco toward Yakima, WA
151H.G. Co (sb)Depression greenRock Island RR, IA
151H.G. Co (sb)Near clear w/light purple swirlsCPRR (SP) Elmira, CA
151H.G. Co (sdp)Bubbly aquaB&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA
151H.G. Co (sdp)Ice blue with amber swirlsSanta Fe RR near Ave. 15 in Madera, CA
151H.G. Co (sdp)Light aqua w/purple swirlsCentral CA; 1 found near Omaha, NE
151H.G. Co (sdp)Light green aqua w/purple swirlsCPRR (SP) Elmira, CA
151H.G. Co NatcoAquaGreat Northern Railway, Superior, WI
151H.G. Co NatcoPeacock blueMT; Fall River, MA; IA; SD; Eastern WY; Chicago Burlington & Quincy RR Savanna, IL to St. Paul, MN; Chicago Great Western Railway, Rosemount, MN; Hastings, MN; Prairie du Chien, WI; Great Northern Railway, Superior, WI
151H.G. Co Natco (smooth inner skirt)Peacock blueBM-IR line between Duluth and Two Harbors, MN
151nnDark green aquaColorado Springs, CO
151nnRoot beer amberReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
151W BrookfieldLight aqua w/milk swirlingMonroe County, WI
152BrookfieldDark greenCT
152BrookfieldDark olive greenMountaintop, PA
152BrookfieldDark olive green w/amber swirlsWinona, MN
152BrookfieldGreen w/amber swirlsRock Island RR, IA; B&O RR north of Pittsburgh, PA; B&LE RR, PA
152BrookfieldOlive amberPittsburgh and West Virginia RR, PA; B&O RR north & west of Pittsburgh, PA
152BrookfieldTiger striped olive amberB&O RR between Ashford Jct. & Devereaux, NY
152CaliforniaAqua; BlueAT&SF W Commonwealth Ave and N Basque Ave, Fullerton, CA
152CaliforniaLight sageSouth of Mobile, AZ; SPRR main from Benicia to Sacramento, CA
152CaliforniaPurpleNPRR, Tacoma to Seattle, WA;
152CaliforniaSage with olive amber swirls; Medium green; Gray smoke; Near clear; Rose sca; Medium scaSPRR main from Benicia to Sacramento, CA
152HemingrayAqua w/heavy amber swirlsOld Frisco line south of Kansas City, MO; BNSF yard, Pasco, WA
152HemingrayEmerald green w/amber swirlsB&O RR, WV
152HemingrayOlive greenFormer SLSFRR, Eureka, MO
152HemingrayYellow olive greenNear Cincinnati, OH
152Hemingray (sb)AquaAntique shop in Phoenica, Ulster County, NY; PA
152Hemingray [080]Milky blue aquaRock Island RR, IA
152McLaughlin No 40AquaNear Williams, AZ
152McLaughlin No 41Light green aquaBNSF west of Flagstaff, AZ
152No 48Snowy blue aquaB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA
152.2Hemingray No 40AquaWestern PA
153BrookfieldDark greenUPRR south of Greeley, CO
153Gayner (sdp)Light green aqua w/milk swirlsHawking Valley RW, Delaware, OH
153No 48-40AquaNPRR & GNRR, Northwestern US; D&HRR, Essex Co., NY; Ann Arbor, MI; Toledo, OH; ICRR, KY
154CNRPeachSW Ontario, Canada
154CNRStrawCNR, Northern Ontario, Canada
154Diamond CNR Blot (threaded inner skirt)StrawCNR 7 to 12 miles east of Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
154DominionAmber; Yellow amber; Yellow; Cornflower blueNova Scotia, Canada
154DominionLight yellow1.5 miles south of Station Zebra, Northern Ontario, Canada
154DominionRed amberNorthern Ontario, Canada
154DominionTeal greenNear London, Ontario, Canada; CPR Litton to Ashcroft, B.C., Canada
154Dominion [010]Lemon2 mi east of Burns Rd, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
154GaynerAquaBurlington Northern RR from Stanwood to Edison, WA
154GaynerLight aqua w/milky swirlsC&O RR near Peru, IN
154HemingrayBlue/dark green two-tone w/amberMonroe County, WI; BNSF RR near Rochelle & Ashton, IL
154HemingrayBlue/green two-toneNorth Central IA; Between New Hartford & Parkersburg, IA; RG Former CB&Q at Old Monroe and Clarksville, MO; B&O RR Kingsbury, IN
154HemingrayCarnivalNorthwestern IN; OH
154HemingrayDark carnivalNorthwestern IN
154HemingrayGreenYakima Valley & Stevens Pass, WA; Great Northern Ry. east of Winton, WA: near Cincinnati, OH; Winona, MN; Denison, IA
154HemingrayHemi blue/clear two-toneFormer Wabash at Risk, IL; BNSF RR, Ashton, IL
154HemingrayHemingray blue w/amber streaksChicago Central Railroad line, North Central IA
154HemingrayIce blue/lime green two-toneFormer SLSF RY, central MO
154HemingrayLight CarnivalNJ; Whiting, IN
154HemingrayWhite milkglassOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
154Hemingray (sb)BlueAL; KY; TN; L&N RR, GA
154Hemingray MRClearSoutheast IN; Six found at flea market in NJ
154LynchburgDeep greenNSRR from Chillicothe to Franklin Furnace, OH
154LynchburgGinger aleHamel, MN; Eastern Warrick Co., IL; SP&S and NPRR, WA
154LynchburgGreenB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA; UPRR, Eastern WA; AL
154LynchburgLime greenIL
154LynchburgOff clearEastern Warrick Co., IL; SP&S and NPRR, WA
154LynchburgPink tintL&N RR, GA
154LynchburgSage aquaC&O RR, Newport, KY
154LynchburgSage greenEastern Warrick Co., IL
154LynchburgStrawBurlington Northern RR from Stanwood to Edison, WA; SPRR two per pole between San Antonio and Luling, TX
154LynchburgYellow greenB&O RR near Kingsbury, IN; L&N RR, GA; C&O RR, Newport, KY; UPRR, Eastern WA
154MaydwellPinkSP&S, WA
154McLaughlinCornflower blueBetween El Paso, TX & Orogrande, NM
154McLaughlinDelft blueSouthern AZ
154McLaughlinEmerald greenSacramento Northern RR, West Sacramento, CA
154McLaughlinLight cornflower blueSouthern AZ; SPRR Davis to Red Bluff, CA
154McLaughlinLight greenBetween El Paso, TX & Orogrande, NM
154McLaughlinSage green; Aqua; Pale yellow green; Bubbly light greenSPRR Davis to Red Bluff, CA
154McLaughlin No 40Green aqua; Green aqua w/light amber swirlsNear Desert Center, CA
154nn (Lynchburg)Ginger aleL&NRR, Dahlgren, IL; L&NRR, KY
154Whitall TatumCarnivalReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
154Whitall TatumPinkCNW RR, IL & KY; B&O RR between Ashford Jct. & West Valley, NY; Near Portland, TN
154Whitall TatumPurplePostal Tel. trunk line south from Seattle, WA; Pacific NW Bell eight per pole between Forest Grove and McMinnville, OR; Postal Tel trunk line through OR; Pac Tel toll line between Newport and Florence, OR; Postal Tel trunk line north from Los Angeles, CA; Toll lead between Woodland and Dunnagan, CA; Elsinore toll lead south of Corona, CA; Postal Tel line Houston to Beaumont, TX; 20% of insulators used on Central RR between Atlanta and Macon, GA; Pittsburgh and West Virginia RR, PA; B&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA; B&O; RR, WV; CNW RR, IL; Velma-Alma area, OK; C&O RR Silver Grove, KY
154Whitall TatumRed AmberGarage/estate sales near Whitall Tatum Factory(and former employees), NJ
154.5DerflingerAquaATSF RR through Naval Station, San Diego, CA; Mexico
154.5DerflingerGreenPuerto Penasco, Sonora
155CrimsaStrawRR between Mexicali, Baja & Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico
155CTC De Mexico SA No 45TealTexcoco, Mexico
155DominionClearC&O RR Michigan City, IN
155nnDark olive greenObtained from glass factory in Texcoco, Mexico
155PSSAPurpleHermosillo & Saltillo, Mexico
155RYTYellow amber; Golden amber; Cornflower blue;RR line from Nogales to Guymas, Mexico
155TexcocoEmerald greenObtained from glass factory in Texcoco, Mexico
156AmericanAquaPocono Mtns., PA; Northern FL
156.1AmericanAquaPocono Mtns., PA
156.2Pat Oct 15 1872AquaTroy, NY
157BrookfieldAquaNY/Penn Central/Conrail, Catskill, NY
157HemingrayAquaGNR, Newport, WA; MO; OK; TX; SPRR, Porterville area, CA
158BostonAquaNorthern FL
158Boston Bottle Works (narrow groove)AquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA; NY
158Boston Bottle Works (wide groove)AmberNew England
158Boston Bottle Works (wide groove)AquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; NY
158nn (BBW)AquaNY
158.1ChesterAquaU&D RR Delaware County, NY; St Louis, MO
158.2BostonAquaOH; CT; NY; MI; NM
158.2BostonDark aqua; Blue aquaNY
158.2Boston (crown embossed)AquaNY
158.2Boston Pat Apld ForAmberSlate Hill & Sidney, NY
158.2Boston Pat Apld ForBlue aquaEastern PA
158.2Boston Pat Oct 15 72Dark teal greenCT: NJ
158.6J Slater Lewis Birkenhead Eng PatentBlue aquaLyndeboro Glass Co dump Lyndeboro, NH
158.9BostonAmberCentral of Georgia RR, GA; (Unconfirmed report: MS)
158.9BostonAquaMobile, AL; Construction site Augusta, GA
158.9BostonDeep teal greenCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA; CT; FL
158.9BostonLime greenCentral of Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Albany, GA
158.9BostonunknownIndian River, FL
159GregoryAquaCPRR near Donner Lake, CA
160ArmstrongClearWA; Hartford, CT
160B 32Green w/amberHartford, CT
160BrookfieldOlive greenHartford, CT
160CaliforniaClear; Near clear straw; Near clear yellow greenKailua, HI
160CaliforniaGreen; BlueHI
160CaliforniaPurple; Light purpleTaft, Maricopa, CA; Sacramento Northern RR from Oakland to Chico, CA; San Diego, CA; Near Ajo, AZ
160CaliforniaSage green; Smoke; Smoke brown (muddy two-tone)Sacramento Northern RR from Oakland to Chico, CA
160CaliforniaYellowNear San Luis Obispo, CA
160Hemingray7up greenSouthern Ontario, Canada; along RR near Philadelphia, PA
160Hemingray [080]Hemingray blueTX
160Hemingray [120]Hemingray blueWestern PA
160HG CoLight jade aquaWA
160McLaughlinGreen blackglassTaft, Maricopa, CA; Fire alarm circuit at Ford Motor Co plant, Pico Rivera, CA; Secondary water pump circuits, La Habra Heights, CA
160nn (3)Light greenTN
160nn (dot)Green aquaLogan Co., KY
160nn (dot)Light greenFlea market, Western KY; Logan Co., KY
160OVG CoAquaWheeling, WV; Guthrie & Bowling Green, KY
160starGreenKingman, AZ
160starLight oliveSeattle, WA
160.6Am Tel & Tel CoLight yellow green; AquaWestern MA; MA Central Railroad; NY
160.7American7-up greenAntique shop, Western NY
160.7AmericanOrange amberFound on the carriage house of an old mansion in Duluth, MN
161CaliforniaBlue aquaUPRR between Spokane and Wallula, WA
161CaliforniaBlue aqua w/milk swirlsUPRR, Eastern WA
161CaliforniaBurgundyKaneohe, Oahu, HI
161CaliforniaGreen w/junk & swirlsUPRR, Eastern WA
161CaliforniaLight green aquaSPRR between Mendota & Firebaugh, CA
161CaliforniaPurpleSan Diego, CA; UPRR between Spokane and Wallula, WA
161CaliforniaPurple/sage two-tonePacific Northwest; San Francisco, CA; Yolo, Napa, Solano & Yuba County, CA
161CaliforniaRose sca/pale yellow green two-toneSNRR Marysville, CA
161California (sdp)Light purple; Sage greenNear Kingman, AZ
161.2BrookfieldAquaRR yard in Kansas City, KS
161.2BrookfieldDark aquaRR yard in Kansas City, KS; UPRR east of La Salle, CO; UPRR between Denver and Cheyenne, WY
1621678Light green; Purple; Royal purpleSaskatchewan, Canada
162BrookfieldDark olive amber w/amber swirlsC&O RR south of Fayetteville, WV
162BrookfieldHeavy amber swirlsReading RR, PA
162BrookfieldLight purpleMA
162BrookfieldMilky jade aqua w/graphiteNYCRR, Little Falls, NY
162BrookfieldOlive greenC&O RR, Dayton, KY
162BrookfieldPurpleSt Louis, MO
162CaliforniaBlue aqua & green aqua with milky swirlsSPRR between Mendota & Firebaugh, CA
162CaliforniaBlue aqua; Green aqua; AquaUPRR between Spokane and Wallula, WA; SPRR between Mendota & Firebaugh, CA
162CaliforniaGreen w/milk swirlsSPRR north of Woodland, CA
162CaliforniaLight purpleRR grade between Promontory & Lucin, UT
162CaliforniaPurple/sage two-toneWPRR in Feather River Canyon, CA
162CaliforniaSmokeUPRR Benton City, WA
162CaliforniaSmoky purple; GrayUPRR between Spokane and Wallula, WA
162H.G. Co.AmberArkansas City & Winfield, KS; Spokane, WA; Great Falls, MT; South Coffeyville, OK
162H.G. Co.Bright orange amberArkansas City & Winfield, KS; Great Falls, MT
162H.G. Co.Dark electric blueKansas City, MO
162H.G. Co.Dark purpleAdirondack region, NY
162H.G. Co.Electric blueArkansas City & Winfield, KS
162H.G. Co.Golden amberKansas City, MO
162H.G. Co.Light electric blueKansas City, MO
162H.G. Co.LilacHardin & Billings, MT
162H.G. Co.Milky electric blueKansas City, MO
162H.G. Co.Off clear; Aqua tintButte, MT
162H.G. Co.OxbloodNear Wallace, ID
162H.G. Co.OxbloodVicinity of Spokane, WA
162H.G. Co.Peacock blueArkansas City & Winfield, KS; Kansas City, MO; side of a building, Sparta, WS
162H.G. Co.PurpleArkansas City & Winfield, KS; Kansas City, KS; OH
162H.G. Co.Royal purpleKS
162H.G. Co.YellowArkansas City & Winfield, KS; Northern ID; Eastern WA
162H.G. Co. (sb)AmberOmaha, NE; Council Bluffs, IA
162H.G. Co. (sb)ClearButte, MT
162H.G. Co. (sb)Depression greenMO
162H.G. Co. (sb)Peacock blue; Dark peacock blueSt Louis, MO; Springfield, IL; Cedar Rapids, IA
162H.G. Co. (sb)SCASt Louis, MO; Calumet, MI
162Hemingray7-up greenTX; B&A Line Albany, NY to Springfield, MA; Over Hoosac Tunnel, MA
162HemingrayAmberGreat Falls, MT; fire alarm circuits, Rochester, NY
162HemingrayAqua/green two-toneC&O RR, Melbourne, KY
162HemingrayCarnivalArea of Great Bend, KS; Marion, KS; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
162HemingrayCobalt blueSouthern Ontario, Canada
162HemingrayDark orange amberKS
162HemingrayGreenC&O RR near Silver Grove, KY
162HemingrayMilky jade cobaltNear Kansas City, MO
162HemingrayRed amberKS
162Hemingray (rdp)Blue/clear two-toneSFRR between Wallis and Bellville, TX; Spokane & Colville, WA
162Hemingray (rdp)Bright orange amberLine markers in Ellsworth, KS
162Hemingray (rdp)Cobalt blueKS; TX; OH
162Hemingray (rdp)Ink bluePort Arthur, Port Neches-Groves, Smithville, Nederland & Beaumont, TX; Vinton, LA
162Hemingray (rdp)Ink cobaltLine markers in Ellsworth, KS; TX
162Hemingray (rdp)YellowLine markers in Ellsworth, KS; Great Falls, MT
162Hemingray (sdp)Celery greenButte, MT; Monon line, KS
162Hemingray (sdp)Cobalt blueLine markers in Ellsworth, KS; Near Oklahoma City, OK
162Hemingray (sdp)Forest greenButte, MT
162Hemingray (sdp)Olive greenN.Y. & C.R.R. line through Sandusky, OH; Conneaut, OH; Meadville, PA
162Hemingray (sdp)Root beer amberGreat Falls, MT
162Hemingray (sdp)SageButte, MT
162Hemingray Patent May 2 1893Cobalt blueKS
162Hemingray Patent May 2 1893Dark orange amberKS
162Hemingray Patent May 2 1893Red amberKS
162Hemingray/PatentedMilky light electricKansas City, MO
162LynchburgApple greenNYC RR near Lyons, NY
162McLaughlinEmerald green; Olive emerald greenWestern Solano (Vallejo) and Napa counties, CA
162McLaughlin (sb)Steel blue
162McLaughlin (sdp)Sky blueFire alarm circuit, Fresno, CA
162McLaughlin (small sdp)Bubbly yellow green: 7up greenAround Esparto CA; Fire alarm circuit Honolulu, HI
162McLaughlin (small sdp)Bubbly yellow olive greenEsparto, CA
162NEGMAquaAntelope Valley, CA
162NEGMSapphire blueMA; Portsmouth, NH
162No. 19Cobalt blueLine markers in Ellsworth, KS
162OVG CoAquaDes Plaines, IL
162Petticoat/PetticoatAquaNorthern Yolo County, CA
162SS & CoAquaFormer CB&Q near Old Monroe, MO
162SS & CoDepression greenSpokane, WA
162SS & CoYellow greenSt Louis, MO
162starDark blueC&O RR Dayton, KY; SPRR between Mendota & Firebaugh, CA
162starDark greenC&O RR, WV
162starDark yellow greenVentura Co, CA
162starDeep olive green/olive amberPA
162starGreen with amber swirlsNJ
162starLight yellow greenPower lead to farm near Egypt, NY
162starLime greenSPRR between Richmond and East Bernard, TX
162starOlive greenNiles Canyon from Fremont to Sunol, CA; Reading RR central PA; Southwest of Houston, TX
162starYellow greenC&O RR, WV; C&O RR Silver Grove, KY; Ventura Co, CA
162WestinghouseLight peacock bluePortland, OR
162WFG CoDark purpleColorado Springs, CO
162WGMPurpleBisbee, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO
162WGMStraw/purple two-toneColorado Springs, CO
162.1BrookfieldDark yellow greenReading RR central PA
162.1BrookfieldHeavy amber swirlsReading RR, PA; Grace, ID
162.1BrookfieldOlive amberNear Wappinger Falls, NY
162.1BrookfieldTiger striped olive amberNYC RR between Fairport & Wayneport, NY
162.1Brookfield (sdp)Dark greenMonon line, KS
162.1Brookfield (sdp)Heavy snowy aquaL&NRR near Rocky Hill, KY
162.3starApple greenB&O RR north & east of Pittsburgh, PA
162.3starLight lime green; ChartreusePRR, PA
162.3starLight purple/blue two-toneNear Possum Kingdom Lake on oil company communication line, TX; MO; NE
162.3starYellow greenB&O RR east of Pittsburgh, PA
162.3star (wdp)AquaOmaha, NE
162.3W BrookfieldLight purple; Rose; Near clear with a rose tint; Smoke; Gray-blue w/ SCA; Light blue aqua; Bright medium greenVacaville, CA
162.3W BrookfieldPurpleWinsted, CT
162.41678GreenWestern Quebec & eastern Ontario, Canada
162.41678Light aquaCNR Rossburn Sub line west of Rackham, Manitoba, Canada
162.41678Purple swirled two-tone; Hemingray blueSaskatchewan, Canada
162.41678 (sb)Olive greenEastern Ontario, Canada; Private spur line to a mine/mill out of Grenville, Quebec, Canada
162.41678 (sb)Steel; Gray; Off clearEast of Ottawa on the CNR line to Montreal, Canada
162.41678 (sdp)PurpleCoal mine in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada
162.5PRRAqua; Light aqua; Amber swirledPRR, PA
162.5PRRGreenPRR near Milo Center, NY; PRR, PA
163.2barLight greenColorado Springs, CO; Anaconda & Butte, MT
164BYellow greenErie Lackawanna RR near Dansville, NY
164BC DripAquaVancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Toronto, Canada
164BGM CoPurpleSnyder County & Erie, PA
164H.G. Co. (sb) [040]Off clear; Light aqua; Ice green; Ice blueEJ&E RR between Libertyville & Lake Bluff, IL
164H.G. Co. (sdp)amberOmaha, NE
164H.G. Co. (sdp)Emerald greenWoodstock, IL
164H.G. Co. (sdp)Ice aquaButte, MT
164H.G. Co. (sdp)JadeVentura & Ojai, CA; Chicago, IL
164H.G. Co. (sdp)Peacock blueKansas City, MO
164H.G. Co. (sdp)Purple, scaFive picked in VT; Kansas City, KS; one found in antique shop in Pemberton, NJ
164HawleyAqua w/heavy snowDL&W near Wende, NY
164HemingrayCarnivalOttawa, Ontario, Canada
164HemingrayOrange amberRR yard in Grenada, MS; Marshall, MT; Northern WI
164LynchburgDark aquaNewington, CT
164LynchburgGreen with milk swirlsVA
164LynchburgYellow greenVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
164MaydwellWhite milkglass; some with color tints and swirlsCA
164McLaughlinApple greenYettem, CA
164McLaughlinCitrineTaft, CA; Yolo, Solano, Napa & Sonoma counties, CA
164McLaughlinEmerald greenBellingham, WA; San Diego, CA; Yolo, Solano & Napa counties, CA
164McLaughlinOlive/emerald green; 7up greenYolo, Solano & Napa counties, CA
164McLaughlin (sb)Smoky straw/clear; Delft blueYolo County, CA
164nn (California product)Sage greenLancaster, CA
164PetticoatLight purpleConcrete, WA (near Sedro Woolley, WA)
164PetticoatPurpleVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
164starYellow greenWheeling, WV
164.4nnWhite opalescent; Black opalescentPA
166CaliforniaPurpleSan Diego & Los Angeles, CA
166CaliforniaSmoky olive greenPasadena, CA
168Hemingray D 510Carnival glassMadison, WI; Chicago & Northwestern RR Des Plaines, IL
168Hemingray D 510Dark olive amberMT; CA; Chicago & Northwestern RR, IL
169.5BrookfieldAquaLehigh Valley RR, PA; East-west main of SPRR between Dixon and Elmira, CA; Great Northern Railway Warren, MN
170nn (Pennycuick)AquaColorado Springs, CO; CA
170nn (Pennycuick)Bubbly aquaFairhaven, WA; CA
170.1nn (Pennycuick)AquaColorado Springs, CO; Wheeling, WV; CSX Chester, SC; CA
170.1nn (Pennycuick)Bubbly aqua; Bubbly light greenCA
170.1nn (Pennycuick)Bubbly grayNear Woodland, CA
170.1nn (Pennycuick)Light fizzy purpleSacramento, Chico, CA
170.1nn (Pennycuick)olive amberFrom the roof of the International Paper Company, Ticonderoga, NY
173BrookfieldAquaAntique shop find, IN; Brockton, MA; Australia
174.5PyrexClearOne of two known found in antique shop in Memphis, TN
175HemingrayAquaChicago, IL; Public Service Company of Northern IL
175HemingrayClearBremerton & Bellingham, WA
175HemingrayIce aquaPuget Sound, WA; Public Service Company of Northern IL
176Whitall TatumIce aquaReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
176Whitall TatumStrawNJ; FL
178California--Santa AnaPurpleOjai, Redlands, Visalia, Taft, Maricopa, CA
178California--Santa AnaSage greenSan Francisco, CA
178California--Santa AnaSmokeOjai, CA
178HemingrayAquaAnaheim, Redlands, CA
178Santa AnaAquaSan Francisco, CA
180LiquidAquaOregon City to Portland, OR
180.5FluidGreenSouthern CA
180.5FluidLight aquaOregon City to Portland, OR
181nn (Pluto)AquaNear Silverton, CO; St Louis, MO; East St Louis & Chicago, IL; South of Cleveland, OH; Shards in offsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
181.5nnDark aquaAntique shop in southern NJ
182DryspotOff clear/strawNashville, TN
183HemingrayClearDayton, OH
184Climax (no whole specimens known)Blue aquaSignificantly good sized pieces found at Brookfield dump, Old Bridge, NJ
185Jeffrey Mfg CoAquaPhantom Canyon area north of Canon City, CO; Hezron mines south of Walsenburg, CO; Newcastle, CO; Coal mine in New Straitsville, OH; Muhlenburg Co., KY
186.1HemingrayClearOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
186.2HemingrayClear w/nutFort Pierce, FL; Offsite Hemingray dump, Muncie IN
187GreeleyAquaAtlantic City, NJ; PRR near Philadelphia, PA
187nn barYellow greenIA
187Pat'd 1886AquaPugent Sound Islands, WA; Canby, OR
188Pat'dAqua; Emerald green; Olive green; Olive amberPort Angeles, WA
190/191AT&TAquaEast Granby, CT
190/191CaliforniaPurpleSouth central coast area, CA; One found in Fontana, CA
190/191diamondPurpleSaskatchewan, Canada
190/191nn (Denver product)Bluish lavenderUnconfirmed report: near Greeley, CO
190/191prismBlue aquaTaft, CA; WA
190/191prismEmerald greenNorthern CA
190/191PRRDark aquaSaskatchewan, Canada
191nn (Denver product)Purple; Dark purpleArea of Silver Cliff & Westcliffe, CO
194/195HemingrayPurpleNorthern FL
194.5/195.5PyrexLight carnival top; Clear bottomOnly known bottom dug by bottle digger in PA; One of two known tops found at flea market in Collegeville, PA
196BEmerald/olive greenNorthern IA; IL
196H.G. Co.AquaTaft, Maricopa & San Francisco, CA; Fire alarm circuit St Louis, MO; Pittsburgh and West Virginia RR, PA, PA
196H.G. Co.Ice aquaHelena, MT; Napa, CA
196H.G. Co.Light purpleMcClure, OH
196HemingrayAquaHelena, MT
196OVG CoSCAOne reportedly recovered in the 1970s in northwestern OH (unconfirmed)
196.2H.G. CoAquaOne dug during excavation for a sewer line in La Crosse, WI
199prismBlue aquaRiverside, CA; Fellows, CA; Fire alarm circuits East Bay Oakland-Berkley, CA
199prismGreenFire alarm circuits East Bay Oakland-Berkley, CA
199prismYellow greenRiverside, CA; Fellows, CA; Whittier, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Fire alarm circuits East Bay Oakland-Berkley, CA
200CaliforniaPurpleLos Angeles (Watts), CA; Santa Clara, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Southern San Joaquin Valley, CA; Jackson, CA; A few from top of building Tacoma, WA
200No 2 TranspositionAquaKingston, NY; Catskill, NY; Lehigh and New England Railroad, PA; Wheeling, WV; Eastern Ontario/western Quebec, Canada; Windsor Locks, CT
200starAquaRockford & Dixon, IL; Windsor Locks Canal, CT
200starGreenEastern Ontario/western Quebec, Canada
201CaliforniaGreen aquaLos Angeles (Watts), Rialto, Highland & El Segundo, CA
201H.G. Co. (sb)AquaAuction in MI
201HemingrayAquaSt Louis, MO; Between Greeley and Ft Morgan, CO; Wheeling, WV
202HemingrayClear; Aqua; Hemingray blueWheeling, WV
202HemingrayIce greenGrand Canyon Area, AZ
202LockeAquaNear Belton, SC
202No. 14Emerald green; Yellow greenLehigh and New England Railroad, PA
202No. 51Aqua; Deep green aquaPocono Mtns., PA; Lehigh and New England Railroad, PA
204LockeAquaGrass Valley, Nevada City, CA
205BrookfieldAqua; Dark greenIL
205GaynerAqua; Light aquaIL
205HemingrayBlue; AquaIL
205LynchburgAqua; Light aquaIL
206nn (castle)Light greenTaft to Maricopa, CA; HI
206nn (castle)Off clearKaneohe, Oahu, HI
206nn (castle)Straw; Blue; Light greenHI
206.5HarloeAquaSalt Lake City, UT; PA
207.5nnAquaAntique shop find, IN
207.5nnClearFlea market in Ontario, Canada
208BrookfieldAquaStampede Pass, WA
208CaliforniaPurpleStampede Pass, WA; Donner Pass, CA; Tehachapi Pass, CA; SPRR San Joaquin County, CA; Woodland, CA; Bonneville, UT; NV
208HemingrayOlive swirledAT&T main near Reardan, WA
210nn (California product)Sage greenNear Walnut Creek & ATSF RR Martinez, CA; Los Angeles, CA
210PostalAquaATSF RR Martinez, CA; Toll lead between Woodland and Davis, CA
210PostalDark aquaMonon RR Westville, IN
210PostalDark aqua w/amber swirlsToll lead between Woodland and Davis, CA
210PostalDark greenHwy 99/RR near Merced, CA
210PostalEmerald green; Olive greenICRR, KY
210PostalYellow greenUPRR, WY
211Brookfield No LeakAqua; Green aquaStampede Pass, WA; near Norwich, NY; S.F. Bay area and "near an oil refinery", CA; Pinole, CA
214Hemingray7-up greenTucson, AZ; SPRR Columbus, TX; Hockley, TX; Missouri Pacific RR Conroe, TX; Missouri Kansas Texas RR Houston to Sealy, TX; SFRR northeast of Morgan, TX; C&O RR, WV
214TelegrafosOrange amber w/long dripsRR line north of Guadalajara, Mexico
219Hemingray/LowexAmberLittlerock, AR
220Hemingray 670AmberOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
221nn 68ClearReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
225BrookfieldAquaNorthern NY
226No 115AquaMT; Manhattan, KS
226No 115GreenCincinnati, OH
226.3BDark emerald greenBethlehem, PA
230Hemingray D-512Amber blackglassRochelle, IL
230Hemingray D-512CarnivalRochelle, IL; Hannibal, MO
232Hemingray D-513Carnival glassOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
233PyrexClearSan Francisco street lighting circuits & Los Angeles, CA; Missouri Pacific RR through Houston, TX
234PyrexCarnivalErie Lackawanna RR, Boston and Maine RR, D&H RR, NY; Erie RR, PA; VT; MA; ME; Holdenville, OK
235PyrexCarnivalErie Lackawanna RR, Boston and Maine RR, D&H RR, NY; Erie RR, PA; VT; MA; ME
238Hemingray D514Honey amberOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
238.2nn A in circle (Armstrong product)ClearReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
238.6Hemingray 830ClearHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
240.2nnClearReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
240.2nn 1025Clear w/copper topReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
240.5PyrexClear; Light lemonWhitehall, MT
241Hemingray 23Hemingray blueGreat Falls, MT
243Hemingray 88Hemingray blueEstate auction in Clarksville, TN
244nn (Pomona)PurpleBodie to Green Creek & Pomona to San Bernardino, CA; Near Telluride, CO
245T-H 9200 & 9200Aqua shades; GreenRainbow power plant on the Farmington River in Windsor to the Stanley Tool Plant in New Britain, CT; Pelzer, SC
245.2nnAquaEstate auction in Ossipee, NH
248/311HemingrayAquaButte, Deer Lodge, Lavina, Billings, near Colstrip and surrounding areas, MT
248/311HemingrayAqua w/amber sleevesDeer Lodge to the Emery Mine & near Edgar, MT
248/311PyrexClearFairfield, Butte, Deer Lodge & nearly all 50 and 69 kv lines in eastern MT
249Hemingray 0 ProvoAquaNear Bedford & Pittsburgh, PA
250NEGMAquaRescued from trash bin at Portland General Electric Co. in 1953/54, Portland, OR
251LynchburgAquaPasadena, CA; Abilene, VA
251NEGMDark yellow greenTwo Harbors, MN
251NEGMGreen; Yellow greenYoungstown, OH
251NEGMLight aqua; Light greenBellingham, WA
252HemingrayAqua; Blue aqua; Green aqua; Hemingray blue; Ice blue; Ice green; Clear; Green tint, Blue tintDenver, CO
252HemingrayCarnivalOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
252KnowlesBlue aqua; GreenBellingham, WA; San Francisco, CA
252LynchburgAquaBellingham, WA
252M&EGreenOrcas Island, WA; San Francisco, CA
252M&EMilky aquaOrcas Island, WA
252MaydwellPinkPuget Sound, WA; Honolulu, HI
252MaydwellStraw; Light yellow greenHonolulu, HI
252McLaughlinDelft blueBellingham, WA; Woodland, CA
252McLaughlinEmerald greenBellingham, WA
252McLaughlinLight green; AquaBellingham, WA; Honolulu, HI; Woodland, CA
252McLaughlinSage greenHonolulu, HI; Woodland, CA
252McLaughlinSteel blue, Blue aquaWoodland, CA
252No 2 CableYellow greenReading & Steel Mills in Pittsburgh, PA
253KnowlesBlue aqua; Yellow greenBellingham, WA
254Hemingray 63 [060]Hemingray blueWestern NY
254Hemingray No 3 CableDark aquaTrolley Lines area of Hartford, CT
254Hemingray No 3 CableHemingray blueEvanston, IL
254M&E CoDark aquaTrolley Lines area of Hartford, CT
254No 3 CableAquaWhitesboro, NY
256ManhattanAqua; Blue aquaChicago, IL
256ManhattanGreenReading, PA; Chicago, IL
257emb unknownAquaParlin, NJ; Auckland, New Zealand; Port Neches, TX; Dayton, OH; Clifton, AZ
257emb unknownColor(s) unknownInterior of buildings, Newport, IN
257HemingrayAquaSan Diego, CA; Butte, MT; Spokane, WA; Louisville, KY; Price & Helper, UT; Fort Worth, TX; Gary, IN; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Lake Charles, Westlake & DeRidder, LA; Kearney, NJ; Bridgeport, PA; Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL; CT; MA; L&N RR, Latonia, KY: Selma, AL
257HemingrayClearSan Diego, CA; Woodland, CA; Army base in Birmingham, AL; Louisville, KY; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; IN
257HemingrayElectric blueKansas City, MO
257HemingrayGreen/amber swirledButte, MT; Chicago, IL
257HemingrayHemi blueSan Diego, CA; AZ; Chicago, IL
257HemingrayJade aquaSpokane, WA; Chicago, IL
257HemingrayLight aqua; Ice blueSteel Mills in Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL
257HemingrayLight greenSan Diego, CA; Chicago, IL
257Hemingray (wide ear rdp)Hemi blueReading, PA; US Steel Rolling Mill, Clairton, PA; Chicago, IL;
257Patent datesAquaKansas City, MO; Butte, MT; Spokane, WA; Nashville, TN; NM; CO; AZ; Chicago, IL
257Patent datesIce aquaButte, MT; Spokane, WA; Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL; NIRW Interurban La Porte, IN; Goodrich MI
257Patent datesIce blue/purple two-toneThe Interurban in Junction City, KS
257Patent datesIce greenNashville, TN; Chicago, IL
257Patent datesLight aquaNashville, TN; Chicago, IL; On power line to pumphouse, Ygnacio Valley, CA
257Patent datesMilky aquaFlea market, Cedar Lake, IN
258Cable (inside skirt threads)Dark aquaReading, PA
258Cable (sdp) [030]AquaWestern NY
259CableDark aquaOn power line to pumphouse, Ygnacio Valley, CA
259Cable (sdp)Dark aquaButte & Deer Lodge, MT
259Cable (skirt threads)AquaButte, MT
259Cable (skirt threads)Dark yellow greenHackettstown, NJ
259OakmanAquaSacramento, Stockton & San Diego, CA; Brockton, MA
260CaliforniaPeachy yellowSubstations along Columbia River, OR
260CaliforniaPurpleShafter, San Bernardino & Chevron Oil refinery near Martinez, CA; Newcastle & Everret, WA; OR
260CaliforniaSage greenSan Diego, Pasadena, Catalina Island, CA
260CaliforniaYellowPacific Lumber Co., Scotia, CA
260California (pinch ear)AquaShell Oil Co refinery Richmond, CA; Martinez, CA; MT
260HawleyAquaNashville, TN
260starAquaRockford, IL; Columbus, OH
260starAqua; greenAL
260starSnowy light greenColumbus, OH
260star Patent 1890BlueRed Boiling Springs, Nashville & Westmoreland, TN; Scottsville, KY
262ColumbiaAquaRoslyn, WA; Eastern Ontario, Canada
262ColumbiaGreen aqua; GreenToronto, Ontario, Canada
263ColumbiaAquaBethlehem Steel Mill in Johnstown, PA; Ft. Sheridan, IL; MT
263Columbia (Brookfield product)Dark aquaLos Angeles, CA
263Columbia (Hemingray)Aqua; Milk swirled aquaSteel Mills in and near Gary, IN
263Columbia OakmanLight greenLos Angeles, CA; Chicago IL; PA
263Columbia Pat'd May 12 1891AquaErie, PA
265FisherAqua; Light greenHighland Park, MI; CA
266PatentedAquaMilwaukee, WI
267NEGMAquaBoston, MA
267NEGM Patented June 17 1890All listed colorsBoston, MA
267No 4 CableAll listed colorsBoston, MA
267No 4 CableGreen aquaNewington, CT
267.5NEGMAll listed colorsBoston, MA
268CrownAqua; greenNY
269JumboAquaBoston, MA
269Oakman JumboGreenCincinnati, OH
270nnDark aquaChicopee, MA
270nnGreen aquaAntique store in Centerville, IN
271HemingrayHemingray blueHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
272ArmstrongRoot beer amberB&O RR Kingsbury, IN
273nnDark aquaAttleboro, MA
275Locke 21Dark aquaSanta Monica, CA
280HemingrayAqua w/snowPelzer, SC
280Hemingray No 1AquaPelzer, SC; Near Manitou Springs, CO
281Hemingray-71Root beer amberFlea market, OH
281nn No 135Emerald greenPelzer, SC
282Hemingray No 2 ProvoAquaPhilipsburg, MT; Berlin, CT; Heber City & Park City, UT
282Hemingray No 2 ProvoLight aquaPortland, OR
283ConverseAquaPortland, OR; Red Mountain Pass area north of Silverton, CO; Conrad & Madison Dam to Butte, MT; Lancaster, CA; Heber City & Park City, UT
283Hemingray No 1 ProvoAquaPortland, OR; Red Mountain Pass area north of Silverton, CO; Conrad & Madison Dam to Butte, MT; Lancaster, CA; Heber City & Park City, UT; Albon, MI; Inter-urban trolley line, Dayton to Osborn, OH; NM
283PrismGreenAntelope Valley, CA
284FloyLight aquaStamford, Delaware County, NY
285nnUnknownSalem, MA
286LockeAqua; Light blue; Light greenWalla Walla & Southeastern WA; Throughout MT
286.9Westinghouse Telluride Type CAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
287LockeLight aquaPelzer, SC
287LockeLight blueButte, MT
287.1LockeAquaButte, MT; Grand Rapids, MI
287.1LockeLight aquaGrand Rapids, MI
287.1LockePeacock blueGrand Rapids, MI; Main line distribution, Galveston, TX; Power to mine in Thurber, TX
287.1LockeRed amberGrand Rapids, MI
287.2BrookfieldAquaBetween Bear Lake, PA and Niobe, NY
288LockeAquaBetween Silver City and Swan Falls Dam on Snake River, ID
288Mershon (single & triple ridge)AquaWest of Colorado Springs, CO
288Mershon (single ridge)AquaBetween Silver City and Swan Falls Dam on Snake River, ID
289LockeAqua; BluePortland, OR
289nnDark aquaGrand Gorge, Delaware County, NY
291No 5 (sb)AquaNear Cincinnati, OH
293LockeAqua; Dark blue; Light green; PurpleNew Orleans, LA
293.1LockeLight green aquaNew Orleans, LA
294NEGMAqua; Light blueRedlands, CA; On RR, Hopedale, MA
297LockeAquaRockford, IL; Phillipsburg, MT; Wolcott, VT; Avon and Cannan, CT
297LockeBluePhillipsburg, MT
297LockeEmerald greenRockford, IL; Phillipsburg, MT
297LockeGreenAvon and Cannan, CT
298nnLight aquaCO
298nn (Denver product)Light aquaBetween Pearl and Payette River, east of Emmett, ID
299Brookfield (ear embossed)Emerald greenBethlehem, PA
299Brookfield (ear embossed)Green aquaBethlehem, PA; Nashville, TN
299Brookfield (skirt embossed)AquaBethlehem, PA
299.2nnWhite opalescentPA
300BrookfieldDark aquaGibson Dam at Augusta & Great Falls, MT
300BrookfieldDark greenNew Orleans, LA
300LockeAqua; Dark aquaAlbany, Medford & Klamath Falls, OR
302HemingrayAquaEast Central ND
302HemingrayHemingray blueGreat Falls, Stanford, Three Forks, Phillipsburg, and Geraldine, MT
302Hemingray OhioAquaGreat Falls, Stanford, Three Forks, Phillipsburg, and Geraldine, MT
303/310Hemingray MuncieAquaWA; Philipsburg, Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Three Forks, Bozeman, Livingston, Ennis, Virginia City, Sheridan, Big Timber, East Helena & Billings, MT; Albon, MI
303/310Hemingray MuncieHemingray blueEnnis Dam into Bozeman & Butte, MT
303/310Hemingray Muncie TypeGreenDivide, MT
303/310Hemingray Muncie Type No 76GreenElk Park, MT
303.5Hemingray No 4 Provo TypeAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
304/310HemingrayAquaElk Park, Philipsburg, Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Three Forks, Bozeman, Livingston, Ennis, Virginia City, Sheridan, Big timber, East Helena & Billings, MT
304/310HemingrayGreen; Aqua w/milk swirlsElk Park, MT
304/310HemingrayHemingray blueElk Park, MT
307HemingrayAqua w/milk swirlsThree Forks, MT
309Beal's High Tension InsulatorAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
309.5Westinghouse Electric Telluride Type BAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
313Hemingray Patent May 2 1893AquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
313Section 2 Hemingray Patent May 2 1893AquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
313.1nnAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
316BrookfieldAquaNorthern NY
316BrookfieldDark green aquaBetween Rifle & Castle, CO
317ChambersAquaCenterville, OH
317.7HG Co Patent May 2 1893AquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
317.8Section 1 Patented June 10 1902AquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
317.9nn (smooth base)AquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
319LockeAquaLaGrand, Baker City & eastern OR
319PrismAquaBulls Bridge Line, CT
320Pyrex 171Carnival glassNear Haviland, KS
321Patented prismAquaBonneville, UT; Between Wendover and Knolls, UT
325Pyrex 401Carnival glassCathlamet, Long Beach, South Bend & southwestern WA
325Pyrex 401ClearCathlamet, Long Beach, South Bend & southwestern WA; Bloomfield, CT
327Pyrex 441ClearRoute 32/River Road through Yardley, Washington's Crossing and New Hope, PA
327Pyrex 442Carnival glassWarwick to Narragansett, RI
328.2Pyrex 553 CYellow tintNear Kingman, AZ
330PyrexYellow tintSome found at RR crossing in Lewistown, MT; Some found at highway crossing near Silverstar, MT
331PyrexClearThe Dalles & Pendleton, OR;  Walla Walla & Dayton, WA
331PyrexYellow tintDayton, WA; South of Worcester, MA; East of Greenfield, MA
333prismYellow olive greenNorthern CA
342Locke 25AquaPhantom Canyon to Skaguay Power House north of Canon City, CO
700nnAquaSacramento, CA; Circular metal bracket with four eggs removed from flagpole at the Water Works building, Virginia City, NV
700nnSage greenNorthern CA; Yakima, WA
700.1nnAquaSan Francisco and Sacramento, CA; Virginia City, NV; Los Angeles, CA
700.1nnAqua w/amber swirlingSan Francisco, CA
701nnBlackglassWaldoboro, ME; New Bedford, MA
701nnDark green; Dark teal greenMobile Bay, AL
701.1nnGreenCape Cod, MA
701.1nnLight green; ClearWindsor Locks Canal, CT
701.5TealFL; AL
701.6nnAqua; Green; Dark Green; Cobalt BlueCivil War Supply Depot site in Richmond, VA
701.6nnDark greenMobile Bay, AL
718nnNova Scotia, Canada
718nnAmberNear Prescott, Ontario, Canada; Albany, NY; New London, CT
718nnAquaOld Wilsonvale west of Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Albany, NY; New London, CT
718nnBlackglassAlbany, NY
718nnDark emeraldManitoba, Canada
718nnDark teal greenSan Francisco, CA
718nnGray greenCPR, Nova Scotia, Canada
718nnGreenAlbany, NY
718Thames Glass WorksOlive amber blackglassFound in house basement in New London, CT
718TillotsonDark Root Beer amberVA
718TillotsonOlive amberAtlantic & Great Western RR, OH
718TillotsonSnowy light aquaPocono Mtns., PA
721nnAquaEastern Ontario, Canada
723nnAquaPA; OH; IN; MI; Western NE; Near Grand Island, NE; NY Central, Derby, NY; (w/wood & pin) near Junction City, KS
723nnBlue aquaDenver, CO; Central WY
723nnLight olive greenMI
723.3nnAqua; Blue aquaWY; NYCR, NY
723.5nnNew England
723.6nnDark green aquaOH
724ChesterCobalt blue; Lt yellow greenD.L.& W., PA
725nnAquaWestern NE; WY
726nnAquaOntario & Quebec, Canada
726nnCornflower blueNew Brunswick, Canada; MI
726nnMilky violet blueNear Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
726nnOlive greenBelleville Region, Ontario, Canada
726nnPurpleNorthern NH
727nnDark oliveVA
728nnAquaPocono Mtns., PA; Steamship Sherman near Little River Bar, NC; FL
728.4W BrookfieldAquaNM; TX; So. Ontario, Canada
728.7OakmanAquaYork Road from Philadelphia, PA to New York City, NY
728.8Boston OakmanAquaYork Road from Philadelphia, PA to New York City, NY
729nnAmberPA; NJ; Wiscasset, ME
729nnAquaPA; OH
729nnDark emerald greenAuction find, Chester Co, PA
729nnDark TealNear West Chester, PA; NJ
729nnTeal greenL&NRR Memphis branch, Logan Co., KY
729.3KeelingAqua; Bubbly blue aquaNear West Chester, PA
729.4Mulford & BiddleAqua; Teal aquaNJ
729.6Pt Apd ForAquaMad River & Lake Erie RR, Springfield, OH
731McKeeBlue aquaUPRR, WY; Northern IN; UT
731nnAquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA; Pocono Mtns., PA; UPRR Brighton, CO; Northern OH; Hartford, CT; FL; C&O RR, WV; WY; South of Belvidere, IL
731nnBright yellow greenNorth-central OH
731nnDark amberNJ
731nnMustard oliveME
731nn (M on dome)AquaPA; MI
731TillotsonAquaCentral Georgia RR between Fort Valley and Columbus, GA; ME; New Orleans, LA; Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
731TillotsonDark cobalt blueSteamship Sherman near Little River Bar, NC
731TillotsonSapphire blueME; MA; Augusta, GA
731TillotsonTeal blueCT
731TillotsonTeal greenOH
731.2nnAquaNova Scotia, Canada
731.3nnAmberNear Charleston, SC
732nnAquaNY; PA; OH; NJ; Wellfleet, MA; Overland Telegraph, Nova Scotia, Canada; FL
732nnGinger aleNortheast OH
732nnGreenNY; PA; OH; NJ; MA
732nnGreen aquaChampaign, IL
732.4nnJade tealChicago, IL
734McMickingAquaMajority near Kamloops & Wire Cache along North Thompson River, British Columbia, Canada
734.3nnPuceFound on building Philadelphia, PA
734.8nnBlackglass"Prairie lines", Canada
735Chester NYAqua; GreenCollins line, British Columbia, Canada
735Mulford & BiddleAquaWY; CO; Sacramento and Marysville,CA; NV; Cascade & Chouteau County, MT; Collins Line, British Columbia, Canada; Overland Telegraph & CPR Nova Scotia, Canada
735Mulford & BiddleGreenCollins line, British Columbia, Canada
735Mulford & Biddle/UPRRAquaUPRR, UT; UPRR, WY
735Mulford & Biddle/UPRRGreen; Teal blue; Cobalt blueUPRR, WY
735So Ex CoAmber blackglassMO
735So Ex CoAquaWY
735TillotsonAquaAL; NY; CA; FL; Bodie Island, NC
735TillotsonLime green; Emerald green; Olive green; Amber; Various colorsCollins line, British Columbia, Canada
735.3Chester/US Tel CoAquaSacramento, CA; NV; FL
735.3Chester/US Tel CoTeal aquaSacramento, CA; NV
736ERWAquaGarrettsville, OH
736nn?Southern Ontario, Canada
736nnGreenPocono Mtns., PA
736nnRoot beer amberAtlantic & Great Western Railway, NY, PA, OH
736NY&ERRAquaSmall number found in box at RR depot in Goshen, NY; CA
736NY&ERRPuceNorthern CA; OR
736TillotsonAmber blackglassVA
736Tillotson (backwards S)Emerald greenPRR right of way near Penn Yan, NY
736.1nnAquaNY&ERR, NY
736.4nnGreenCayuga Lake near Ithica, NY
736.4nnSapphire blueMA
736.7nnDark GreenPortland, CT; Found in a river, RI
737LeffertsAquaAL; North Central NJ; FL; Construction site Augusta, GA; Near West Chester, PA
737nnDark greenCivil War Supply Depot site in Richmond, VA
737nnLight aquaDug behind telegraph station in Blakely, AL
737.5nn (round pinhole)Cobalt blue; Amber blackglassOverland Telegraph, Nova Scotia, Canada
737.6nnAqua; Green; Dark green; Dark olive; Pinkattic find, Northwestern PA
737.6nnGreenWestern PA
738nnDark greenCivil War Supply Depot site in Richmond, VA; WV; PA
738nnDark teal greenCivil War Supply Depot site in Richmond, VA; WV; PA; Baltimore, MD
739nnBlackglass amberMI
739.2nnAquaAntique store, WI
739.5nnAqua; PuceNY
739.5nnSky blueFound under barn in Canandaigua, NY
740E DupontDark greenME; Southwestern Ontario & eastern Quebec, Canada
740Foster BrosOlive amber blackglassEastern Canada; NY; Champaign, IL
740nnAmberFarmington Canal, Collinsville, CT; East Hampton, CT
740nnDark olive amberNew England
740.1nnAquaME; Great Western RW & Toronto, Ontario, Canada
740.1nnBubbly aquaGrand Trunk RR, Ontario, Canada; Grand Trunk RR, ME
740.1nnGreenGTRW, Canada
740.1nnLight blue; Snowy aquaToronto, Ontario, Canada
740.4nnAqua; Bubbly/snowy AquaNY
740.6Chester NYCobalt blueSacramento, CA; Flea market in Hartford, CT; Estate sale in Southern CA; Auction in Great Bend, PA
740.6Chester NYDark greenPublic auction, Great Bend, PA
740.7nnGreenGrand Trunk RW, Ottawa & Prescott RW, Ontario, Canada
740.8JaliscoDark greenSanta Rosalia, Baja Mexico
741nnBlue aquaSyracuse, NY
742PurpleBelleville Region, Ontario, Canada
742M.T. CoAquaEastern Canada; Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
742M.T. CoBlueNorthern NY
742M.T. CoGreenMount Forest, Ontario, Canada
742M.T. CoPurpleEastern Ontario Canada
742nnAquaWest of Montreal, Quebec & CNR, Nova Scotia, Canada
742.3nnGreenEastern Canada
743nnAquaEastern Canada
743.1nnYellow greenSouthern Ontario Canada
780nnAquaOne dug in privy on Lafayette St in Norristown, PA; Portland, ME
785nnOlive greenSan Francisco & Sacramento, CA
786nnClearFirst telegraph line between Washington DC & Baltimore, MD; Near Beltsville, MD
788nnBlue aqua; Green; Olive amberMobile Bay, AL
790nnDark greenMobile Bay, AL; NC; SC, GA; LA; FL
791nnDark greenMobile Bay, AL; Reading RR, PA
1000nnAmber; Olive green; Green; Blue; Jade green; 7-up green; various colorsFound in box in attic of railroad depot in Gallatin, TN
1000nnAquaRockbridge Co, VA; AL; FL; L&NRR Memphis branch, Logan Co., KY
1000nnLight aqua2 found on tree with block side pin Addison, VT
1004nnBlue aquaFound near Highland Rd & Staring Ln, Baton Rouge, LA
1004nnJade vaselineGallatin, TN; Louisville, KY
1010nnYellow green; Olive blackglass; Gray green vaselineNear Fresno, CA
1014nnAquaCA; GA; Manchac, LA
1014nnDark amberPort Huron area, southeast MI
1014nnGreenCA; GA; New Orleans, LA
1014nnMilky greenLake Pontchartrain, LA
1015nnAquaFound in box in western PA
1016nnAquaFound in box in western PA
1037BuzbyIce aquaSwap meet in IN
1038CutterAquaNorthern CA; SD; Northern FL
1040nn (Garity patent)AquaAuction in Daytona Beach, FL
1040nn (Garity patent)Dark aquaFound by bottle digger in CT
1045nnClearHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
1046nnAquaHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
1052HemingrayCarnivalBourbon, MO
1052HemingrayFlashed amber; ClearRockford, IL
1052nn D-518CarnivalMinneapolis, MN
1052nn D-518Dark amberRockford, IL
1052Whitall TatumStrawReleased from archives of Whitall Tatum - Armstrong - Kerr Company, Millville, NJ
1070HemingrayAquaB&O RR west of Pittsburgh, PA; Erie RR, PA
1070HemingrayLight lemonPRR, PA
1073C&P TelunknownFrederick, MD
1074nnAquaHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
1103nnClearHemingray factory dump, Muncie, IN
1104B No 3Emerald green; Snowy aquaRockford, IL
1104nnAquaRockford, IL
1129nnLight aquaOne found in Ohio antique shop
1130CaliforniaSage greenIn or near Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA; Eureka, CA
1131CaliforniaPurpleOakland, CA
1138nnAqua; Light aquaSan Diego, CA
1140nnAqua; Light aquaSan Diego, CA
1140nnIce aqua with purplePollock Pines, CA
1190FisherAquaSan Jose, CA
0Cochrane bellsClearApprox 12 at substation in Harlowtown, MT; Some were found in warehouse in Helena, MT
0Cochrane bellsDark purpleVirginia City, MT
0Cochrane bellsPurpleNear Helena & Conrad, MT
0HaleyReddish brown & blue gray slagRensselaer, NY; Dug by bottle digger near Marshalltown, IA
0Micarta Core SleevesAquaOffsite Hemingray dump, Muncie, IN
0nn (Lefferts Hook)Yellow greenWindsor Locks Canal, CT

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