ICON Privacy Policy


We value your privacy, and take all steps to ensure your information is only made available to the groups of people that you select. None of your information is ever resold or made available to third parties.

Levels of Privacy

There are four levels of privacy. Your privacy level is controlled by the setting in your ICON Profile. This controls what information is made available to non-ICON members.

  1. No information
  2. Your name and email address only
  3. Your name, email address, and city/state. (default)
  4. All information

Note that all ICON members have access to all your ICON profile information. If you do not wish ICON members to have access to that information, simply omit those pieces of information from your ICON profile.

Scope of Information

Your ICON information is available on the ICON mailing list, and on the web site, as determined by your privacy level.

ICON Mailing List

Since the goal of the ICON mailing list is to share information with other ICON members, your name, email address, and city/state are included when you post a message to the mailing list. Only ICON members receive email messages sent to the ICON mailing list. The contents of these email messages are never posted on the web site and thus are not viewable by anyone.

Web Site

The web site features a number of ways for people, both ICON members and non-ICON members, to find out information about you. These include "search by name", "search by city and state", and "search from a location on a map".  Each of these searches restricts the information displayed to non-ICON members as determined by your ICON profile privacy setting.

For "search by name" your privacy level must allow (at least) you name and email address to be available, i.e. a privacy level of 2 or greater. For "search by city and state" or "search from a location on a map" your privacy level must allow (at least) your city and state to be available, i.e. a privacy level of 3 or greater.

If your privacy level prohibits parts of this information from being displayed to others, it is replaced with (private).

Web Site PicturePoster

The web site provides the ability for ICON members to post photos to share with other people. The photograph and associated description are available to everyone on the Internet. Your name and email address appears on photos that you have posted in the PicturePoster. If your privacy level prohibits the display of your name and email address, it is replaced with (private).

Caution: If you have posted an item in the For Sale Album and you have selected the highest level of privacy, level 1, non-ICON members will not be able to see your name or email address, and thus will be unable to contact you. If this concerns you, you will have to reduce your privacy level to level 2, which allows just your name and email address to be available.

Search Engines

Search engines, such as Google, may index parts of your ICON profile information. A search engine is considered a non-ICON member for purposes of determining what information is indexed.

Email Protection

Protection of your email address from spammers and search engines is one of our highest priorities. Your email address is never made available to search engines regardless of your privacy settings. We employ an advanced method to ensure your email address can not be harvested by "spam-bots" scanning web pages looking for email addresses.

Note: Your email address may appear visible to a human on various web pages, but it is still protected against being indexed by search engines or being captured by spammers.


If you have written an article or otherwise have contributed material to the web site credit is given to you by listing your name only. If you do not want your name to be listed, please contact us.

What information about me is available on the web?

We can only control what information on is made available to others. If you would like to see what other information about you may be available on the web, put your name or email address in the form below and press "Search Google".

It is quite likely that your name and/or email are available on other web sites. We can not control that. If you see information about you that is specifically listed on a page on and you believe that information should not be available based on your ICON Profile Privacy Setting, please contact us.

If you have questions or comments, please use this Feedback Form.

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Written Tuesday, May 24, 2005; Updated 9/26/2010