Help Stop Spam -- How to Avoid the spammers!

The most common source of spammers getting  your email address is to have it posted on a web page. Any email address on a web page is subject to getting captured and added to spammers bulk mailing lists. Once on a spam list, always on a spam list... The following method will, to the best of my knowledge, avoid this problem, while retaining the benefits of the mail address showing up naturally on a web page and allowing users to click on it to send email. If you are more curious, take a look at:

Enter an email address below, and see the HTML code that does this.

Note: If you would like the link text on your page to be something something other than the email address, such as an image to click on, or text like "Send me email", specify that in the Text field below. For the simple case, just leave the text field blank.


Last updated Friday, February 12, 2010

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