Frequently Asked Questions:
The Insulator Mailing List

This page contains frequently asked questions about the mailing list. You can fix most problems yourself if you know what to do. If you do not find your question answered on this page, you can contact the mailing list manager at

Common tasks:

* How do I send to the mailing list?

Simple! Just send an email to

Common problems:

* I get an error about not being on the mailing list when I send to it. But I am on the mailing list. What is wrong?

The mailing list server requires that your "from" address be identical to the address which you gave when you subscribed to the list. This often happens when your "from" address is incorrectly configured in your email software or you have some email aliases. In addition, some ISP's tell you your email address, but your mail is really sent out from and thus the mailing list server believes these are two different email addresses. To correct this, you should

If you are unsure of your "from" address look in the headers of the message that the list server sent back to you. Your actual email address will be there.

* I sent a message to the list but did not receive a copy. Am I supposed to get a copy? Did my message go out to everyone?

Yes, you will get a copy of the message you sent if you sent it correctly. There are two reasons why you may not have gotten a copy.

  • First, you may not have waited long enough. There are several factors that influence how long it takes, and they can vary from minute to minute! Generally your message is sent to all the 'single mode' subscribers within an hour.
  • Second,  If you are receiving your email in 'digest mode', you of course will not receive your mail until the next digest is sent out, which is once a day in the early morning.

If you have questions or comments, please use this Feedback Form.

Last updated Wednesday, June 02, 2010