pencil Creating Your Collectors Page

If you are an advanced computer user, and have some experience writing html or you want to try learning html, you can follow these suggestions:

Which ever method you choose, you should also read the text in the sample template, as it contains additional information, guidelines and instructions. When your page is complete, mail it to the Webmaster only! Your page will appear on the server in a few days!

Note: If you are including your email address on your page, please read this to avoid having your email address collected by spam-bots and getting spammed.

We can store a limited amount of images for you to use, or you can refer to these items from other locations. Just note the location of the image. If there is a photograph already on the insulator pages that you want to use, just indicate which image you want to use and note that in your web page, and I will create the link to that image.

Note: I will most likely make changes to your page. These will be minor things, such as "linking" phrases on your page to material that may already be on our Insulator Pages such as references to books, magazines, clubs, etc. Because of this, you should not keep a local copy of your page, but get the source for it from the Web pages to modify. Use your browser's "File" and "Save as..." commands when you are viewing your page to fetch a local copy to edit.

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Last updated Tuesday, April 1, 1997