John Q. Collector's Insulator Page

Hi, my name is John Q. Collector and I collect insulators. This is my personal Web page. You can use this as a template for your page. Notice a few things:

Simple bulletted lists can be made as shown above using the <ul> tag to start a list, <li> tag for each item in the list, and </ul> tag to end the list. These simple lists can be used to list insulators you want, specialties you collect, or whatever. It's your design! Let's start a new paragraph here.

Your pages must contain your real name; at least your first and last name. In addition, you must include your email address (if you have one). Your name should be included in the title, as well as at the bottom of this page. If you have an email address, you can include that at the bottom as well. The way this example page is setup, you can click on the mail address, and you can directly send mail!

Another interesting tag that you can use, is the <hr> tag; this creates a horizontal rule across the page. You can see how it looks, as this section is separated from the previous one with an <hr> tag.

For advanced users, you can make references to other pages on other sites, or use any other html constructs. At the moment, you can't supply us with graphics, but I will show you how to reference photographs that we have on this site. Stay tuned...

Your closing page information should end with a horizontal rule, and then your name and email address. Also, please include the date you updated your page. Here, I assume John Smith's mail address is Of course, use your own!

Note: If you include an email address, please read this to avoid getting spammed!

Written by John Smith,

Last updated Friday, November 17, 1995

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