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Currently this web site and associated mailing list "ICON" are paid for from the personal funds of BillView Icon Profile and Jill MeierView Icon Profile . We derive no income at all from this site, and do it out of our love for the insulator collecting hobby. Due to the increase in the amount of pages and photographs on this site, we have had to increase the disk space on the web server where this information is stored. This, of course, costs more money!

Our initial costs were $30/month ($360/year) but with this increase, our costs have risen to $50/month ($600/year). For fiscal year 1999 the National Insulator Association helped offset these costs with a $200 payment for the support and development of their web site at

Our goal is simple:

To provide the highest quality, most comprehensive web site about the hobby of collecting insulators and related items.

We hope you will agree, and please pass along any feedback or suggestions to us!

But, we need your help!

"The Hemingray Blue Jay"

The Hemingray Blue Jay

I have worked with the internationally known wildlife artist Michael P. Frase and can offer the above print (actual size 10" x 8") to you for $12 plus $3 shipping. For each print sold, $6 will go to the artist, and $6 will go towards the cost of maintaining this site. (Any additional money you include will also go towards the cost of maintaining this site.)

This is a limited edition print on 90# acid free paper, and only 50 copies will be made. Each print will be individually signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are signed with a pencil, because the graphite will not reproduce in a copy of a signed print. [I never knew that!]

Special offer:
The original is available for $550Sold professionally framed. It is acrylic on illustration board about 10" x 7" (image size, not frame size!) If you wish to get it unframed it would be about $100 less. If you are seriously interested, please contact me by the end of September. If I get multiple requests, I will have a lottery drawing, and not an auction! Be an ICON platinum supporter!

If you are interested in the print, please send $15Sold (US funds please!) to

Bill Meier
103 Canterbury Court
Carlisle, MA 01741

Save yourself $3 for shipping (or donate an extra $3!) and pick up your copy of the print at the London Ohio Insulator Show (now the Mid-Ohio Insulator Show), November 7 - 8, 1998. However, please send your payment in advance to reserve your copy of the print.

Thanks for your support!

Bill & Jill Meier

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Last updated Tuesday, September 1, 1998