The vast majority of individuals involved with antiques and collectibles do not a own computer. Yet there is a growing number of individuals within the industry who recognize that cyberspace offers opportunities in the collecting and selling of antiques and collectibles. There are dozens of antiques and/or collectibles sites on the Internet.

Bill Meier at is responsible for the "Glass Insulators" site on the Internet, accessible at www.insulators.com. The site is impressive. Having examined a number of antiques and collectibles internet sites; I recommend it as a model for any collector group wishing to create its own web site.

The home page consists of five major categories: General Information; Photographs and Information; Reading and Reference Material; Insulator Clubs, Associations, and Shows; and Taking Care of Your Insulators.

I checked out the site on Sunday, May 5, and was delighted to find that the site information had been updated earlier that day. I spoke with Meier who said he takes pride in the steady flow of new information he provides to the site. Updated and new areas are bulleted on the home page, a tremendous help to someone wishing to maximize his time on the site.

The site contains a wealth of information and is picture rich. The pictures are extreme1y clear and sharp. The detail surprised me. I downloaded several examples and was pleased to find the detail held in the printing process.

The site contains a basic picture price guide to insulators. Accompanying each picture is detailed information about maker, size, color, identification number, etc., and a suggested market retail price. Fifteen minutes provides a crash course in insulator types and values.

Why should you look at the site if you have no interest in insulators? The answer is to understand what is possible and to have a standard by which to judge all other antiques and collectibles sites that you visit. I strongly recommend surfing through www.insulators.com.

WEB SITE REVIEW is prepared by: Rinker Enterprises, Inc., 5093 Vera Cruz Road, Emmaus, PA 18049.

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Written Saturday, April 12, 1997