Washington Post Features "Glass Insulators"

Reporter: Linton Weeks (Washington Post Staff Writer)

The Thursday, April 16, 1998 issue of the Washington Post, on page B4, featured an article titled "One Man's Hobby". This column discusses a half dozen web sites. The column starts:

On the Internet, collectors of just about anything - stamps, coins, Beanie Babies - are discovering that there are folks with similar loony leanings. Because of the Net, eccentrics can band together to create tiny little mass movements. The other day I searched the Web for sidewalk sulky enthusiasts. To no avail. But, I did stumble on some zany collections.
Glass Insulators.
According to one Web page, more than 2,000 folks collect the pretty colored glass insulators once used on telegraph and telephone hones. The objects can sell for a few dollars to more than $2,000.
Getting there:
Glass Insulators at http://www.insulators.com

Although the column featured a half dozen collectables, only one photograph was printed. The photo showed our "mascot", the CD 257 in Electric blue! Shown below. Too bad it wasn't a color photo in the newspaper!!

CD 257 in Electric Blue

Your webmaster had no idea this was printed, until a collector sent in this article! Small world!

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Written Thursday, April 16, 1998