MSN SurfAlot's Pick:

Reporter: Bill Meier

Microsoft, on its MSN site, has a column called "SurfAlot's Picks" which features web sites with a specific theme. The week of July 8, 1998, the theme was about Telephones. The page started out with:

Using my favorite search service, I looked up "telephone" and came up with a number of results, including the following:

Several sites related to telephones were listed, including...

Glass Insulators Here's the place to go if you collect glass (and porcelain) insulators from telephone poles. This page is full of photos and articles on this apparently popular hobby. Especially useful is the info on ways to take care of your insulators, including display and cleaning tips, and how to pack and ship them. Don't miss "The Greatest Insulator Find in the History of the Hobby."

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Written Wednesday, July 8, 1998