LSIC Approves Nominations for the N.R. Woodward Award from

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By a majority vote, the following amendment to the Lone Star Insulator Club's bylaws was passed. Now material posted on these pages are eligible to be nominated to receive the N.R. Woodward Literary Award for the most outstanding research article. The award is presented each year at the National Insulator Association Convention Awards Banquet by the Lone Star Insulator Club. I feel this is a significant step forward in recognizing the Web as another publishing vehicle and an endorsement of this site.


Nominations from the Insulator Web Site - Nominations for the Woodward Award may be made for the year an article is printed at the Insulator Web Site ( This applies to only this particular web site. Additional web sites must be approved by the LSIC. All nominations from the web site must conform to the Woodward guidelines.

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Written Wednesday, May 21, 1997