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(if you know all about cookies you can just go to the step by step procedure to enable cookies)

Why do I have to login to ICON all the time?

A number of features of this web site need to know if you are an ICON member. Of course you know, but the web server does not. You have to "teach it" that you are an ICON member. This is done by having the web site send you a "cookie" which is a small piece of information that is stored on your computer. When you return to the web site can read the "cookie" and recognize you as an ICON member.

I heard that "cookies" are bad. Is that true?

Generally most sites use cookies to store and remember your preferences, and give you a personal browsing experience when you return to that web site. This is what they are used for on This is a good use of cookies. However, some sites use them to track ads that you have seen or use them to track what pages on their site you have visited. Some people don't like that, and that sometimes gives "cookies" a bad reputation.

Why can't I accept a "cookie"?

Some people are concerned about their privacy when browsing on the web, and the web browsers provide various privacy settings that can control this behavior. One of those settings is to prevent "cookies" from being stored. When that is enabled, you can't accept the good "cookie" from so you can be recognized as an ICON member.

How do I accept a "cookie" from

You can configure your browser to accept cookies from specific "good" sites while disregarding them for other sites. This configuration is fairly straight forward, but it does require a number of steps. These are detailed below. The example below is for Internet Explorer version 6 running on Windows XP. If you have set different privacy settings, some screens my be slightly different but the instructions are still relevant. These steps should be similar with other versions of Windows.

Step 1:

Go into Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu, and go down to the Internet Options... choice and select it.

Step 2:

The following dialog box will pop up. Click on the Privacy tab, and then click on the Edit... button near the bottom of the screen.

Step 3:

The following dialog box will pop up.

Step 4:

In the box above, type in the Address of Web Site: box

 and then click Allow.

Step 5:

If you have followed all the steps above, your final dialog box should look like this. If so, press OK and dismiss all the tiers of dialog boxes that have been created. You should be all set! Now, log in and get your cookie! Mmmm... that cookie is good!!

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Updated January 14, 2004