Mike Parker's Insulator Scrapbook
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Signal and power line I built at the Trolley Park, 1985. OERM streetcar approaching museum depot, July, 2000.
Replica 22,000 volt line pole at OERM using
M-2611A and M-3156A multiparts.
A museum crossarm being prepared in my backyard, June, 2000.
 Multipart insulators were both found in Oregon,
 a gray M-2618A and a brown M-2435.

Replica 22,000 volt line pole at museum using M-2430 multiparts. The underbuild has CD 162 and CD 145 Star and Hemingrays. Porcelains are U-381 for 600 volt trolley feeder wire, U-240 and U-241A for signal power.

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Last updated Monday, July 20, 2001