Mike Parker's Insulator Scrapbook
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Photo of me at age 14 with three Thomas M-3335 multiparts. I was smiling because I had just "rescued" the insulators that day. Our insulator club backyard power pole in 1954. Club member Bob Hammond is the brave lineman.

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March, 1954

WELL-INFORMED GROUP of 12-YEAR_OLDS started education in electricity when a Mountain State line crew in the Tillamook division gave them an insulator from a line being removed from service. Since, the boys have collected more than 150 insulators from Pacific Power & Light, Mountain States Power, Portland General Electric and the telephone company. In photo at left, Mike Parker, left, and his partner Al Pinckley, Bob Hammond and Jon Bush, put


their display of transformers in order. Mike is pictured at right showing Jon, right, how a service drop should be installed by pointing out the correct type of installation from a page in his elaborate drawings. Mike's drawings of his imaginary power system fill eight thick pads of drawing paper. The boys have named their company the Pacific Northwest Power Company. Home office is Mike's bedroom in the Parker home at Lake Grove.

Non-glass part of second collection in 1972. Glass part of the collection was in another part of the yard and even larger. Volunteer lineman Mike Parker at the Trolley Park, Glenwood, Oregon in 1984.

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