Mike Parker's Insulator Scrapbook
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Portland General Electric Co. power pole across from my house where I found my first insulator in 1948. West Coast Telephone Co, pole with 16 pin crossarm in 1956.
Portland Traction Co. Inter-Urban Trolley at stop near my grade school. Tall cedar poles at left had 57,000, 11,000, 2,400 and 120/240 volt lines. Poles on right had 600 volt D.C. trolley feeder and signal and phone lines. Nothing remains today except for the two buildings on the right.
Mountain States Power Co. pole in Bay City, Oregon using M-2430 multiparts. The line crew there would give me all the multipart insulators that we could haul away. This pole was a grown locally cedar and full of knots. Old line in Oregon using scarce gray Thomas M-3158 multiparts. Photo taken by me in 1953 at age 12.

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Last updated Monday, July 20, 2001