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I started collecting insulators in October of 1993. I kept seeing insulators at flea markets and antique shows. Until then, I never really collected anything in my life. I was always at the markets and shows looking for cookie cutters and eye-wash cups for my mother (her collections).

Then one day I broke down and bought a Kerr 122, Hemi 154, and Armstrong 155 at a antique store for a buck a piece. From there I went to the book store and found listings for some insulators in generic books but nothing to light my fire. Eventually I found a listing for the NIA, Crown Jewels of the Wire, etc...

After receiving a courtesy copy of the Crown Jewels, I finally got to see some of the different insulators. My curiosity was getting the better of me. I immediately ordered Woodwards "1988 Report" once that was in my hands, I was hooked. I subscribed to the Crown Jewels, Joined the NIA and have been on a relentless pursuit of glass and mud ever since.

In four years I have put together a collection of the following:

I now, thanks to Webmaster Bill, have insulators for sale on the net, these are mostly (90%) insulators I have pulled from poles along old railroad tracks. My parents travel a lot and bring me glass and mud from everywhere. I can honestly say it is a collection that has gotten out of hand and I have no desire to slow it down now!

Probably my best piece is a CD 162 S S & Co MFG's/Chicago/No 19. I've never seen another since or seen one listed for sale. The funny thing about it is the fact that it was one of the first 10 insulators I ever bought and I got it at the flea market for $3.00! (no wonder I'm hooked)

Besides having to work for a living, I also collect G I Joes, Antique Glass Candy Containers, Railroad and Airline Paraphernalia, Military Die Cast Toys and Model Railroad Cars.

Written by Kevin Mann,

Last updated Wednesday, September 17, 1997

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