pencil Creating Your Collectors Page

Adding a personal page is easy. If you can send an email message, you can have a personal page! You do not have to be on the ICON Mailing List to have a collectors page. If you are a more advanced computer user, you can read these additional instructions.

Decide what you want to say about yourself. Look at other people's pages for ideas if you want. The easiest way is to compose your page directly in an email message to me.

Or, you can use an editor like NotePad, Microsoft Word for Windows, or Word Perfect to create your page. If you compose your page in a word processor be sure to "attach" the file to your email message.

When your page is complete, email it to the Webmaster. Your page will appear on the server in a few days!

Photographs Include a photograph on your page

If you would like to include a photograph of you and/or your collection on your page, you can either mail it to me via USPS and I will scan it in, or you can email me your picture as an attachment. Contact me for details! If there is a photograph already on the insulator pages that you want to use, just indicate which picture you want to use and note that in your mail message.

Links to your web page Link to off-site page

If you have created a page on your own web site about yourself and your insulator collection and you are a member of ICON, just update your profile and under About You and Your Collection: My web page: add in your web site address.

With the philosophy of "reciprocal links", I'd appreciate it if you provide a link back to our main page, as well as back to the insulator collectors page at (where the link to your page will exist). Thanks!

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If you have questions or comments, please use this Feedback Form.

Last updated Saturday May 4, 2002