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Compiled from Most About Glass Insulators,
Insulators: A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators,
Glass Insulators from Outside North America,
and other sources

AbbreviationFull Name
A.G.E.E.Australian Glass
A.G.M.Australian Glass Manufacturers
A.T.& T.CO.American Telephone & Telegraph Company
A.U.American Union
AM.INSULATOR CO.American Insulator Company
AM.TEL.& TEL.CO.American Telephone & Telegraph Company
B & OBaltimore & Ohio [Railroad]
B.F.G.CO.Beaver Falls Glass Company
B.G.M.CO.Baltimore Glass Manufacturing Company
B.T.C.Bell Telephone Company
C.& P.TEL.CO.Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company
C.C.G.Crown Crystal Glass Company Ltd.
C.D.& P.TEL.CO.Central District & Printing Telegraph Company
C.E.L.CO.Cambridge Electric Light Company?
C.E.W.California Electric Works
C.G.I.CO.California Glass Insulator Company
C.N.R.Canadian Northern Railway
C.P.R.Canadian Pacific Railway
C.T.N.E.Compania Telfonica Nacional de Espana
CAL.ELEC.WORKSCalifornia Electric Works
CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.CO.Canadian Pacific Railway Company
CHICAGO INSULATING CO.Chicago Insulating Company
CIA COMERCIALCompania Comercial
CIA TELEFONICACompania Telefonica
D.T.CO.Dominion Telegraph Company
E.C.& M.CO.Electrical Construction & Maintenance Company
E.D.R.Edmonton Dunvegan Railway
E.L.CO.Edwin Lewis Company?
E.R.Erie Railway
E.R.W.Erie Railway Western
E.S.A.Esperanza S. A.
E.S.B.CO.Electric Storage Battery Company
E.S.S.CO. Electrical Service Supplies Company
EIVEuropeenne d'Isolateurs en Verre
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO.Electrical Supply Company
F.F.C.C.N.DE M.Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FT.W.E.CO.Fort Wayne Electric Company
G.E.CO.General Electric Company
G.N.R.Great Northern Railway
G.N.W.TEL.CO.Great Northwestern Telegraph Company
G.P.R.Great Pacific Railway
G.T.P.TEL.CO.Grand Trunk Pacific Telegraph Company
H.B.R.Hudson Bay Railway
H.G.CO.Hemingray Glass Company
H.G.W.Hero Glass Works?
JEFFREY MFG.CO.Jeffrey Manufacturing Company
K.C.G.W.King City Glass Works
L.G.T.& CO.L.G. Tillotson & Company
M.& E.CO.Mayer & Englund Company
M.T.CO.Montreal Telegraph Company
MCKEE & CO.McKee & Company
N DE MFerrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
N.A.T.Co.North American Telegraph Company
N.E.G.M.CO.New England Glass Manufacturing Company
N.W.& B.I.T.CO.New Westminister & Burrard Inlet Telephone Company
N.Y.& E.R.R.New York & Erie Railroad
NATIONAL BATTERY CO.National Battery Company
NATIONAL INSULATOR CO.National Insulator Company
NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO.New England Telephone & Telegraph Company
O.V.G.CO.Ohio Valley Glass Company
OAKMAN MFG.CO.Oakman Manufacturing Company
P & WPittsburgh & Western Railway Company
P.F.C.Anciens Etablissements Parvillee Freres & Cie.
P.L.W.Pennsylvania Lines West
P.R.R.Pennsylvania Railroad
P.S.S.A.Patricio Sordo Sociedad Ananimo
R.Y T.{Unattributed}
S.A.F.N.V.Sociedad Anonima Fabrica Nacional de Vidrio
S.B.T.& T.CO.Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company
S.S.& CO.Shay, Stephens & Company
SO EX COSouthern Express Company?
SO.MASS.TEL.CO.Southern Massachusetts Telephone Company
STANDARD GLASS INSULATOR CO.Standard Glass Insulator Company
T-H.E.CO.Thompson-Houston Electric Company
T.C.R.Transcontinental Railway?
TEL.FED.MEX.Telegrafos Federales Mexico
TILLOTSON & CO.Tillotson & Company
U.P.R.R.Union Pacific Railroad
U.S.L.United States Light?
U.S.LIGHT & HEATING CO.United States Light & Heating Company
U.S.TEL.CO.United States Telephone Company
VI-BOVillegas-Botero, Limitada
VTSVillage Telephone Supply
W.E.MFG.CO.Western Electric Manufacturing Company
W.F.G.CO.Western Flint Glass Company
W.G.M.CO.Western Glass Manufacturing Company
W.U.Western Union
W.U.T.CO.Western Union Telegraph Company

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