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The Prairie Signals Insulator Club was formed in 1999. There are over 3 dozen members. Members of the club are mainly from Oklahoma, but there are also members located in Kansas, Arkansas, and northern Texas with one member from Great Britain. The club sponsors the OK Swap Meet usually in the fall each year. Dues are $10.00 per family and $5.00 for members under 16. The purpose of the club is to provide education and knowledge about insulators to its members and to provide members opportunities to find, swap, trade or sell insulators. The club meets four times a year in addition to the fall Swap Meet. Meetings during the year are held in memberís homes with at least one in the Tulsa area.
Call or write:
Prairie Signals Insulator Club
c/o Brian Riecker
2544 Boxwood Ave
Norman, OK 73072
E-mail: (Brian Riecker)

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