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Insulator Collectors On the Net (ICON) has over 2,000 members worldwide. The club is open to anyone with access to the Internet and to electronic mail. Although the club doesn't have a newsletter per se, they communicate daily with each other via email discussing subjects from "How to clean insulators" to distributing sales and want lists. The web site is filled with information about hobby resources, on-line books, show calendars, club information, and more. You can view hundreds of full color images of colorful and rare insulators from all over the world, as well as see the most complete collection of insulator related Go-With's. The PeopleFinder with powerful search features allows people to locate insulator collectors by name or location. The PicturePoster is a means where collectors can easily post their own photographs in one of a number of albums. Over 75,000 pictures have been posted by our members, and they contain a wealth of information. These are also searchable with a powerful Google like search engine.

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Insulator Collectors On the Net
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