Canadian Railway Telegraph History book cover

Canadian Railway Telegraph History

by Robert Burnet

250 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" (1996)
Second printing November 1997

Sold Out!

* Montreal Telegraph Co. * Dominion Telegraph Co. * Great North Western Telegraph Co. * Canadian National Telegraph Co. * Canadian Pacific Telegraph Co. * Telegraph in the Maritimes * Telegraphic inventions * Tools of the telegraph * Telegraph circuits * Telegrams & forms * Telegraph signs * Telegraph history * Canadian telegraph event chronology *

250 pages of Canadian railway telegraph history, including over 150 historic photographs, telegrams, illustrations and charts. A must for Canadian railway and telegraph enthusiasts!

The companion book to Mark Lauckner'sView Icon Profile Canadian Railway Communications Insulators.

"This book has now gone in multiple copies to 40 US States, 9 Canadian Provinces, Scotland, England and Australia as well many Universities, Colleges and major Libraries. Two public schools in upper State New York are using it in their course of study. It is still to be printed in England by an independent Publisher. This book has been termed "The definitive book on the railway telegraph in Canada."

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